what is the best face cleanser?3 easy to use face cleanser

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By Elena

what is the best face cleanser?Let's see the 3 easy to use face cleanser !


Olay Hydrating Daily Facials for Normal to Dry Skin

Review by KateN: this was a nice cleanser. it lathered nicely and exfoliated okay. i didn't like the cloth with the holes in it, but that's really just personal preference. i'd reccomend it to others, because it did what it said, but i probably won't buy it again.

Review by beckibabe: I love that it is a cleanser and eye makeup remover in one. These are so great for travel too. They do a great job removing makeup, and don't leave your face dry. I will definitely repurchase. UPDATE 6/3/04 I don't love these enough to use on an every day basis, but I will use them for travel.

Review by bekkbekk1985: I really wanted to like these. The overall concept was great: a product that replaces your face wash and toner with a nice lather and pleasant smell. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be hydrating actually made my skin tight, dry, and itchy. It is very weird, but I think these actually are the reason why my skin is now extremely dry (with really rough patches all over). Overall, these did nothing for my skin but make it worse (perhaps the perfume in them did not agree with my skin). I also did not like the fact that once the package was open, it could not be sealed again. I do not think I am going to finish the pack (I've only used them five times), but instead give these to my sister and find something that will hopefully get my skin back to normal. I will not be purchasing these again.

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Ahava Cleansing Cream

Review by Jennybear: I think this is an average cleanser, it definitely is not drying, but at the same time, my face does not feel clean after I use it-in fact, it feels greasy-like there is a film left on it. I have had to re-wash my face several times. I can't justify the price for this cleanser, as you can find something in the drugstore for about half as much than this costs-Cetaphil, for example.

Review by taurusgurl5984: This is good cleanser and was my staple morning cleanser for a couple years, however, I have found another cleanser (at a lesser price) that I like more so I no longer use this cleanser.

However, I would highly recommend this cleanser and all the other AHAVA skin care products to anyone looking for an excellent skin care regime.

Review by liselise1: I have repurchased this product several times over the years. It is the absolute best cleanser I have found for removing sunscreen. It is gentle yet very thorough, leaves my skin clean but not at all dry or greasy, just perfectly balanced. I have slightly oily skin that is very sensitive, mild rosacea, and this does not irritate my skin at all. This is a big deal for me since most cleansers irritate my skin, especially anything strong enough to remove sunscreen. I just can't say enough good things about this cleanser. I will continue to buy it, and I hope they never discontinue it!

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Soap and Glory The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser

Review by ahappyplace: Used it for few weeks..first few days was ok..but then it gave me breakouts,which is a shame cause i loved the smell and the feelign afterwards..is just too much parfume in for people with sensitive skin

Review by bossanovaville: I had to purchase Soap and Glory from the UK as i cant find it in Australia. However it was well worth the search. This is a fantastic product which left my skin feeling and looking great. I have had a couple of break outs but i figure it is just bringing out all the gunk from in my pores. Very happy overall.

Review by drusilladru: Eugh.
Bought this looking for a cheaper alternative to the fabulous Liz Earle version. At first I loved it. The squeezy tube means you can get every last drop of product out, it has a pleasant lavender scent, nice creamy consistancy and it took all my eye makeup off.
I used it for a couple of weeks, then started breaking out. I also got a couple of those horrible under skin spots.
In desperation I tried my bliss toner and discovered the problem. It's not the cleanser that is making me break out. The cotton ball came away full of foundation. While the cleanser makes my face look clean, its not taking off all my makeup, so I've spent 2 weeks sleeping with clogged pores.
It's going in the bin.

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