what is the best face cleanser?3 easy to use face cleanser reviews

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By Fiora

what is the best face cleanser?Let's see the 3 easy to use face cleanser reviews!


Ponds Multi-Talent 3-in-1 Beauty Bar

Review by jlinh2u: I also picked this up at Big Lots...I paid 1.60, believe it or not! They had a ton of them in stock, so I will definitely be going back to stock up. I have never used a beauty bar on my face, but I absolutely love this one! It makes me skin so soft! It lathers wonderfully and has a nice, clean fragrance. This bar will last me forever, but I don't want to be without it! Must buy....

Review by Leelee57: I got it at big lots as well for 3. I wish they had it for a cheaper price, I would have bought alot more. It says it cleans, removes makeup, and tones the skin. It's a 3 in 1 face bar. Smells really nice, but not too strong. Has jojoba beads and a ton of skincare ingredients. I read that there is vitamin e, vitamin a, tea leaf, jojoba seed oil and extract, bamboo, grape, white birch, cucumber, and white clay. If it works well for a couple days, I will be buying more for sure. I just know it's not sold anywhere but big lots. My skin felt clean, fresh and smooth the first use. It got rid of all makeup too, without harsh cleansing.

Review by askewchick: Picked this up for 3.00 at Big Lots and couldn't be happier with it. I had considered spending 24.95 on a cleanser recommended at MUA, but I happened upon this bar, gave it a try, and in about three minutes, had a clean face and no trace of eye makeup, as well as moist, no-residue skin. My toner routine afterward didn't yield a trace of grime as I always get after using other cleaners. This is a great bar of face soap, and I hope others give it a try.

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Sisley Phyto Blanc Lightening Foaming Cleanser

Review by betsyab: Love this cleanser. Does a great job getting the makeup off without stripping the skin. Leaves the skin soft not tight. As far as the lightening effect...haven't noticed. I would buy this again even though it's pricey USA 120.

Review by hersheyb: This came as a sample after I brought the masks from them and after washing my faced for two days, I must say I liked it alot. It thoroughly cleanses your face without drying it and it does lighten your skin tone a little after using. Went and buy a bottle for myself after.
The price is really steep for a cleanser so I will only recommend it for those with money to spare. If not, there are cheaper moisturizers with almost similiar results. I found one that cost 10% of the price.

Review by glossgal_01: I have been using this cleanser twice daily for a month, and I love it. A cleanser can make or break a skin care regimen for me, and this one is perfect for my sensitive and acne prone skin. I am currently using Retin A and deliberately moved away from exfoliating cleansers from Kinerase, DermaDoctor (Wrinkle Revenge) and Murad (clarifying cleanser) because they were too drying and did not clean well (except for Murad, a really good cleanser). I use several products from Sisley along with this cleanser, and my skin has not looked this good in years (if ever). This cleanser foams lightly and cleans thoroughly without drying and leaves my skin soft. Importantly, it removes my water resistant sunblock. The packaging is hygienic and great for travel, and a little goes a long way. A great product!

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Shiseido The Skincare Gentle Cleansing Foam

Review by mielr: This was drying to my skin. After washing, my skin was so tight I had to run and splash on my moisturizer immediately. It also caused my skin to flake and peel. I'm better off with drugstore foaming cleansers like biore.

Review by Keva: I get a creamy, luxurious foam even from just a small amount of this cleansing foam. The price is rather high, but given the small amount needed at each use and its soothing effectiveness, this cleanser is well worth it.
It doesn't dry out my normal/dry skin and leaves it pleasantly soft. Cleansing has become an enjoyable experience on its own, especially with the delicate scent that appears when it foams up!

Review by lmharte: A very gentle cleanser and it actually removes makeup!!! It felt great on my skin and washed off nicely. My skin did feel a little dry after wards.

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