what is the best eyeshadow?3 top eyeshadows compare

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By Sara

what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 top eyeshadows compare!


Too Faced Eyeshadow Duo in Sassy Wahine

Review by zhenya: Silvery lilac/lavender and bronze don?t go together right? For some reason, these colours actually do compliment each other very well! I like to wear the lilac shade on my lids with the bronze colour in the crease, and used wet as a liner. It looks better than it sounds, trust me. Too Faced shadows have a very creamy smooth texture, and are well pigmented and last a long time, but I agree that these shadows are a bit soft and fragile and the packaging could be sturdier (careful not to press on the clear lid, it can unhinge and fall straight through.) These eye shadows are high quality, but also high priced at the same time. I?ll reserve these as an occasional make-up treat to myself ;)

Review by blueaygi: Love this duo!! For anyone who doesn't know, 'wahine' is Hawaiian for 'girl', and is pronounced 'Wah-hee-nee'. Love this duo!! This is a unique color combination that just works. When used with First Base shadow base, it lasts all day and looks gorgeous. Leaves me wanting more and more!!

Review by JT14: This duo is really cool. It is a light lavender and a shimmery copper-brown. At first I wasn't sure how to wear the colours, but I have found that using the lavender as a wash and then using the brown in the crease looks good. These colours are fairly pigmented and have decent staying power.

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Max Factor Cameo Appearance

Review by minnielouse: Cameo is the perfect wash shadow for PPP/LLL gals. It is a light bone color (whitish) and matte. I have used this every day since I purchased it. The staying power is by far better than any MAC shadow I have tried. The texture is nice and almost creamy - this is best applied with finger for an all day look. I just wish that Max Factor had more colors...

Review by kat_25: This is my perfect light shadow. I use it as a base or to tone down and blend darker colors. I'm very pale. I love MF shadows. They're soft and well pigmented. I just wish I could find them more places. MF is truly one of the most underrated lines out there.

Review by CancerianPrincess: I love this color for highlights! I think since it is an off-white it looks more natural than a bright white. I use this on my brow bone after using either shimmery or neutral brown tones and it is the perfect accent without being overpowering.
Not to mention it is highly pigmented and lasts a really long time! I really wish that Max Factor made more colors in this line and maybe some mattes, but fortunately the colors that are out are very complimentary to my PPP skin.

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Annabelle Eyeshadow in General

Review by bekkbekk1985: I was looking for something to "brighten" up the area under my eyes. I have tried pretty much every CONCEALER out there from highend to d/s. You name it and i've tried it!!! Finally, i figured why not try using e/s to brighten up my eye area? I chose #225-IVORY (I am a MAC NC25 btw), it's a pale fleshy colour with BARELY THERE shimmer, that's sheer but totally buildable. As soon as i tried the tester under my eye.. i was sold!!! really covers my subtle dark circles beautifully and TOTALLY brightens up my eyes!!I also use this on the bridge of my nose to add some dimension. GREAT STUFF!!!! The powder is smooth as silk!! DARE i say even better than MAC??? :-] and for a fraction of the price!!!LOVE IT!!! Def will buy again!!

Review by dxgirly: They're pretty pigmented for me. I don't like a ton of eyeshadow, I like it light, barely there, natural but shimmery.
I have the green, the blue, the dark grey and the brown.
I'll toss all of them except for the brown. I find the other colours don't work for my eyes... I like it too natural to bother with the greens, etc.

Review by rebec75: Overall, Annabelle has some great quality shadows and should not be ignored. I have a couple trios as well as a single from Annabelle, and I'm pleased to say that all of them have great pigmentation and staying power. They are quite soft, silky, and blendable. Now of course, like all brands, there will be the odd shadow that's a dud, so I think it's necessary to try out more than one shadow before knocking the entire brand. Additionally, most stores that supply Annabelle products have testers out, so it's so easy to swatch the colors and see their pigmentation before you buy it. That way you know which ones are pigmented and which ones aren't. Anyways, I'm quite satisfied with my Annabelle shadows. They're the best drugstore shadows I've tried, and I'll definitely pick up more in the future.

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