what is the best eyeshadow?3 top eyeshadow comparison

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what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 top eyeshadow comparison!


Pure Luxe Cosmetics Ultimate pigments - All

Review by ooliedonna: So I read about this line on MUA and ordered a bunch of their samples. I was hoping that this would be the discounted alternative to Mac pigments but they aren't as pigmented. I think the key here is that they need something to hold on too (as the other reviews mention). The colors are great with a very pretty shimmer and they are all very everyday wearable (unlike mac's). Don't get me wrong I really do like this stuff and will most likely wear them all the time.

Review by ZoSo: I love the dark shades in this line, not so crazy about the light colors. They are too flyaway and don't really have enough pigment for me. I agree with other reviewers that all of the colors tend to work better if you either use them wet or over a base to give them something to "cling" to; however, I had no trouble with Claret, Mulberry or Merlot when applied dry. If you like loose powder shadows, then you'll enjoy these. They are certainly a good value.

Review by belladoggie00: Purchased Ultimate pigment in ROCKSTAR as a sample size for 1.00. Its difficult to see the real color of it on the Pure Luxe website but its primarily black with a transparent gold over lay and subtle copper / gold reflex. The color is killer! The color Pay Off is great (I used it with a base, so without a base, I wouldnt know) Love love love this color. Highly recommended!

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Wet 'n' Wild The Gilded Age Eyeshadow Trio

Review by nechama22: This is absolutely beautiful. Wears great with my UDPP and the colors are so flattering and work well together.
I cannot wear the colors as suggested by the imprints on the pans because that would be waaaay to dark especially for the brow or highlight color. Instead, I am wearing the 'brow color' which is a champagne as the main color over most my lower eyelid , the gold on the outer corners and along the socket and the dark brown (crease color) at the as kind of like an an eyeliner that has been then smudged up and out to give more contour to the outer portion of the eye.
It seems like this is LE and that is such a shame. I would grab ASAP. For the 2.99 + tax that I paid, there is really no way to go wrong.

Review by pulidobl: Perfect for the summer! I recommend to this anyone who likes the Urban Decay Naked palette. There is a shadow that is similar to MAC All that Glitters in shade - WnW is more frosty that MAC. The brown is similar to UD Smog. The gold shade is similar to Half Baked but is a deeper gold.
I paid 2.15 for this! Considering the quality, I would have been willing to pay much much more.

Review by tetrakis: Best palette ever! The pigmentation is beyond amazing, the color's blend and go so well together, and overall this is my favorite eyeshadow trio by far. I heard it is pretty hard to find so I consider myself lucky!

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NARS Belly Dance Duo

Review by lorraine07: I love love the green in this duo, the purple I could probably go without on my second purchase but it did open my eyes to the two color combo's I could use together as well as apart.

Review by oopsygirl: Iam an N50 tone which is kind of a dark caramel colour and this eyeshadow is really nice against my skin tone. when i wear these colours i tend to wear a shirt thats matching,and it give this look some umph.

Review by andij: Freebie! It's usually pretty pricey so it's super awesome that I got this for free with purchase on the nars website. Anyway, the shadows in the duo are both really beautiful. Girls with brown eyes will especially love this duo as they are dark purple and shimmery green. Two colours that go really well with brown eyes.The purple is like an eggplant matte and the green is like a metallic moss green. Both gorgeous in colour and in texture. Very pigmented, blend really well. The palette is the same size as the blush palette and the pans are slightly smaller than the single eyeshadows. Would definitely get this again and will for sure try other nars duos!

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