what is the best eyeshadow?3 top eyeshadow compare

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what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 top eyeshadow compare!


Sally Girl All Star

Review by Cristy1970: All Star is indeed very unique! It's a burgundy brown with a blue sheen. It sounds like a difficult shade to work with but I've found that this shade works very well with cream/beiges, blues, and teals (as odd as the previous two sounds.) This shadow is very soft and well pigmented.
Too bad these shadows are discontinued!

Review by francesca39: I really like this color, like MAC blue-brown pigment, but with less red tones, either that or more wearable ones. All Star doesn't make me look like I got punched in the face, blue-brown does. Not much of the blueish duochrome comes out with my application, but I'm going to keep working at it. (PPP, blue, red)

Review by glossgal_01: Mmm...very nice indeed. I love these duochrome colors. This is a lot like UD Lounge, IMO, and I LOVE Lounge. Very silky and cheap; too bad it's d/c.

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Laura Mercier Eye Colour- Twilight Grey

Review by Bethany09: Beautiful quality and a beautiful colour, but it has just an edge of purple for me which doesn't work with the blue of my eyes and my very pale skin. The colour seems to be a bit draining on me - making my eyes look a bit red and tired.
Sadly relegated to my swap list :(

Review by mielr: I bought this beautiful medium-dark purple-gray shade to use with Margaux, and they look wonderful when used together. High-quality matte shade, buildable color/coverage, no creasing, stays put. Typical LM shadow. Highly recommended.

Review by misswillow: This is the one of the softest grey eyeshadow with a bare undertone of lavender. Wears well, especially with a primer. It's a favorite but so are 90% of her other shades.

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Guerlain Divinora Quadra Shadow- Touche de Naturel #261

Review by ooliedonna: Great colors,great texture,great quality,great package!!!!!!!It's definitely worth to pay for this eyeshadows! the colors are great and you can create a natural,smokey eye look with pink and and brown tones!Great eyeshadows for brunettes,blondes and girls with black hair as well!They look great with bronzer ot tanned face!

Review by jenss79: I swear Guerlain is so underrated and their eyeshadows are unbelievably pigmented. This colour is a myriad of soft pinks, peaches, and a plummy taupe. The accent colour is a soft petal white with a hint of rose to it. The lid shades are a petal pink or a sunset pink, and the contour colour is a soft taupey plum. This is by far the nicest shadow set yet this season it beat Chanel's in my mind. Spring 2007 colour, may be limited run to get this fast before its sold out. My counter sold two without the tester already!

Review by oopsygirl: Love love LOVE this eyeshadow quad! All four shades blend beautifully and work well seperately or in combination. The shadow case is nice a sturdy and holds up well. A little bit of each shade goes a long way.

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