what is the best eyeshadow?3 recommended eyeshadows

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what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeshadows !


MAC Brown Down

Review by andij: a little warmer than espresso, but same finish. this works better in the crease than as a liner, but it does its job quite nicely.
swapped this away- much too warm for my purposes.

Review by moth: I think that average describes this shadow really well. It doesn't look bad by any means, but it doesn't look great either. Originally, the MAC girl sold me this to use as a base shade to go with Woodwinked, but I don't really feel like they go together, and alone this looks very plain on me. It's not really dark enough for a smoky eye, and it seems too dark for a daytime color. On me this appears as a basic matte cocoa brown, and the undertones (red, peach, or whatever) don't show up. On the up side the Veluxe shadows are soft and have a great texture. I have found that this works well for blending, to warm up other shades, but I don't know that that warrants a repurchase (as it is half the time I feel like chucking it). For reference I'm a BB 6 Golden.

Review by amystar: A nice matte brown that can help neutralize other colors. Not too dark or light and great soft texture.

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Jordana Eye Shadow Duo

Review by diachu21: I have a duo called "ORO/VIOLET"
It has a sheer, shimmery greenish yellow, and a matte pink-violet. They are pretty colors and thats why I picked this out, but they HARDLY EVEN SHOW UP, so I never use it and won't repurchase this duo. I'd love to try other duos though, cuz the single pot jordana eyeshadows I've tried so far are great.

Review by Olive143: I have bought several of these duo eye shadows. They are quit good. Some are better than others but have a pretty good overall color payoff for a 2 dollar duo eyeshadow.
I am taking one lippy off because Jordana is not something you will like to pull out in front of girlfriends meeting if you are anything like me. (I like cheap, practical, great quality makeup, but also at same time, I do like to show off a decent or at least drugstore brand makeup in front of friends... Jordana feels like too dollar store.)
I will use it at home before I leave to school/work/out.
I am not sure if I will buy them again, since I am hoping my wallet get fatter as I grow older and can afford all the Nars eye shadows without thinking twice about it. (I have quit of few Nars duo too, but I think about five times before I bought it. LOL)

Review by JT14: i brought the duo in cocoa/apricotta, it is matte chocolate hue and goldish peach color which in lighting has a gorgeous reflection!!!I absolutely love it!!! I bought this in mexico while i was vacationing however i havent been any to find it here in the US.

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Bare Escentuals Glimmer- Cat Woman

Review by jamelia: This glimmer in Cat Woman is a dark black with silver shimmer loose powder. It is a very hard color to use as a shadow cause it is so dark. Most use it as a liner and it looks fine on, like a soft black shade. But the problem is that the glimmers dont last as long as the BE liners. It faded faster than the BE liners so I was a tad disappointed!

Review by wunverdoll: This Glimmer is BEautiful! I absolutly love it. It is a very dark/almost black color w/microfine particles of silver/green glitter, I thought at first, what in the heck am I going to use this color for? Well it sat for about 4 days before I decided to get brave and use it. I decided it would be perfect as a liner mixed with Visine, so I made my little paste and proceeded to give myself a beautiful plum eye, as my last step, I took my BE eyeliner brush and lined my eye with Catwoman, and decided it looked great, but I knew it could look even better if I smudged it...so that is exactly what I did, I made the most beautiful smokey black/gray/plum eye. I am sure that I will be using this color alot this summer, because I got so many compliments! A great color, if you are brave enough to give it a try!

Review by belle2216: I LOVE Catwoman. It is a deeper charcoal gray blackish color with a ton of shimmer and it is so beautiful as eyeliner. To dryline, I use a smudge brush; to wetline, I use BE?s eyeliner brush. The shimmer comes out more when I wetline, but it is still a great eyeliner color for me. It gives definition without screaming ?I?m wearing black eyeliner?. Plus, I like a little shimmer in my eyeliner. Me: lighter neutral Asian, BE 1.2 Fairly Light/2 Light.

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