what is the best eyeshadow?3 recommended eyeshadow compare

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By Tifanny

what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeshadow compare!


Pur Minerals Smoky Quartz/Rose Quartz Duo

Review by cperry: This review is for the pur minerals eye shadow palette. It is 25.00 and includes a double ended brush (ok quality) and 16 eye shadow colors. They are in between the size of a dime and nickel in diameter. I think this is a great way to try out the colors and 25.00 is a great price! I even got an additional 20% off with an Ulta coupon. The colors are varing degrees of shimmer.Half the colors are light to medium, ivories, peaches, rose, moving toward browns, green-browns, blue and eggplant. It even comes with a pamphlet with ideas for combinations given different eye colors. I love this and the shadows are smooth and last all day. Even the brush, while not exceptional quality, is workable and conviently placed in the palette. I find myself reaching past my BB and LM shadows for this kit. They also make a lip palette but I haven't tried it.

Review by bobsy: This review is just for the single rose quartz eye shadow. I love this shadow. It stays put throughout the day, and I just love the color. No matter what you wear, it goes with everything. It feels good going on and it's easy to apply. Several really good shadow brushes in different sizes help with the application of shadow. Expensive, but worth it. Plus, the singles will last you a good 6-9 months. Can't go wrong there.

Review by miss_mac: This line of mineral makeup is wonderful! I always used bare minerals loose mineral makeup and eyeshadow but then I tryed Pur Minerals pressed mineral makeup and shadow duos. Pur Minerals is so much more convenient and less messy in the pressed power and the packaging is great. The quality and lasting power of this product is great and you will absolutely love everything in the Pur Minerals line!

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GOSH Waterproof e/s stick in love that brown!

Review by scrapdoll: First off, I have VERY oily eyelids.
-great color
-packaging is awesome, easy to carry around
-lots of product (twists up)
-lasts all day but ONLY with UDPP
-good as a base or by itself
-nice shimmer
-its creamy so you only have to swipe once
-takes way less time to put on than eyeshadow
-creases and is a total mess without primer
-not waterproof if you touch it
I love this. Been using it for years. Will always repurchase.

Review by amystar: I have 3 of these brown, beige and champagne, and I absolutely love 'em! I use them all the time as shadow bases. First I put down a layer of Bare Minerals Bisque, then use the GOSH stick and whatever shadows I use on top stay put all day without creasing. I have extremely oily skin, so creasing is always a big problem for me. Thanks to these, I've liberated myself from UDPP, which costs me a fortune since I live in a small town in Canada and have to order it online. One tube of UDPP, after shipping and exchange, costs me about 35 CA, compared to 14 for the GOSH stick, which I can buy here at Shopper's Drug Mart. Not to mention the packaging of the GOSH sticks is way more efficient and easy to use than the notoriously awful and wasteful UDPP packaging. Here's hoping the GOSH sticks don't get discontinued!

Review by blueaygi: These e/s sticks are great to use as an eyeshadow base!!!
They don't crease (at least not on me but I don't have very oily lids), are easy to apply and easy to blend.
For me they are exactly the same as MAC's shadesticks only less in price and less colors too choose from. I think they only carry 6 basic colors.

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Lumene Star Set Single Eyeshadow - Your Harmony 104

Review by angelchan: Supposedly the most commonly returned MAC eyeshadow is "Vex". It looks so tempting and irresistable in the store, with its iridescent flash and pink/green duochrome. But at home, it shows up on your face a muddled grey-green, less like a mermaid's tail and more like a day-old fishbelly. Well, Lumene's "One Fine Day" is what Vex should be. A light, but never chalky, complex neutral. At first glance it's just a standard drugstore shade of beige/taupe. But apply it, and it shows up as beige and pink and bronze all at once. Goes great with darker browns and coppers, or even purples, plums, and burgundies. Plus it's pigment rich, amazingly shimmery, and applies like butter. Basically, a MAC veluxe-pearl at a drugstore price.

Review by guitarzan: I love this color. I had no idea it flashed a rosey pink untill someone posted about it. This is a great color, easy to apply, lasts all day and looks wonderful.

Review by redheadjane: This is the prettiest color! Its a great neutral but has the quality of MAC Vex in that the shimmer reflects another shade. Its just so wonderful on my lid. Lumene shadows in general are really nice and silky and pigment is good.

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