what is the best eyeshadow?3 recommended eyeshadow brand

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what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeshadow brand!


MAC Deckchair Pigment

Review by kat_25: I put the price as "dirt cheap", since I received it from a lovely swapper, and I really LOVE this! It's a wonderful peachy-gold-champagne, but a very light and wearable shade, suits all (or so I think). I wear it with my Chanel's Desert Rose duo (as a wash and highlighter) and green eye pencil, and it looks amazing. I was putting it on with an eye brush before, but it came on my eye circles, so now I'm using my fingers to avoid that and I love it!

Review by aml1: Frost city! I much prefer Goldenaire, but this still works for inner corner highlighting and browbones, if you use a light hand. As a wash, this is kinda garish on my PPP skin.

Review by Suzy_h: My best description of Deckchair is a light peachy-pink champagne shimmer. It looks similar to Gleam in the pan, but lighter and slightly less peach. I am a real sucker for colors like this - I'll buy peachy-pink shimmery anything - and I do like Deckchair. I mostly use this when I'm lazy and want to do a quick eye, so I'll use Deckchair as a wash and something peachy like Say Yeah or Soft Brown in the crease. I also took the advice of another MUA reviewer and used Deckchair as a wash with Botanical in the crease, and I used Smut to line. For reference, I'm NC25ish with yellow undertones, blue eyes and blond hair.

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Mally Beauty Midtown Merlot

Review by hersheyb: these colors are so pretty I like it better than the plums, the plums are more vibrant, the merlot is more neutral. It last all day. The quality of the case and shadows is great. I love all mally products. Very high quality. I have brown eyes and these colors look really nice on my eyes

Review by diachu21: I was at the Mally counter at Bendels and the SA begged to put this on my brown eyes. I love to play so I let her have fun. I for one was skeptical because I don't like burgandy or reddish colors but I couldn't be more wrong. When she handed me the mirror I was shocked and very happy. I have amond shaped eyes with slightly hooded eye lids and she applied the highlighter shade all over the lid, with the middle shade on the outer "v" for a smokier look she said to apply the darkest shade on top and on the outer corner. The look was hot and different from any other colors I have in my collection. I made the purchase.

Review by tippygirl: So far I am disappointed in these. This is not the type of smokey eye that does any favors for my face shape. And the Midtown Merlot provides color that is too subtle to be noticed on my skin. Not enough contrast. Back it goes.

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Rimmel Rimmel Special Eyes DUO EYESHADOW - Ombretto Duo 321 Walnut Pearls

Review by fitnessa: I've actually been using these two colours for the last 7 years as they are great for that natural eye look. The eyeshadows don't crease throughout the day (maybe that's because I use a base) and they subtly shimmer giving your eyes a slight glow.
I'm not really keen on the lighter shade as it doesn't really do much for me, although I have sometime used it in the corners of my eyes just to make them look more awake (for those days when your eyes look tired). But I do love the darker shade and wear this everyday for work, and by the end of the day it still looks as fresh as the moment I put it on.
I recommend this for all skin tones as it's a neutral shade with a discreet shimmer that goes a long way and makes your eyes look like you make an effort, but you don't try too hard.

Review by labelslut: I got this free with a Rimmel mascara that I had purchased but hadn't tried it until today. I have to say that it is THE PERFECT shade of brown for me. Most, if not all browns that i have tried thus far, makes me look tired 'n' not fresh or they are simply too dark for an everyday day look, and i've been wanting a neutral shade for the days when I want to wear some warm colours i.e. lipsticks/blush. This is gorgeous - the taupey-brown e/s with the gold shimmer highlighted with the champagne e/s really wakes up my eyes and makes me look fresh and 'pulled together'. I lovee this. The texture is so creamy and glides on so smoothly. It's also easy to blend. Love it. Will re-purchase for sure.

Review by abrilio: Really love this eye shadow!
The two colours match perfectly. The lighter colour as a highlighter and the brown one has a really nice shimmer! It's really crease free and even better when used wet; you'll get a really nice intense color.
Love the packaging! You can take it anywhere you want, really nice applicator. (could be even BETTER if there was a little mirror, but that's not the point).
And so cheap!

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