what is the best eyeshadow?3 effective eyeshadows comparison

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By Monica

what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 effective eyeshadows comparison!


Jordana Eyeshadow in Cocoa

Review by sophie_tan: I picked this up a few weeks ago, along with several other Jordana colors, after reading about them on different beauty forums and dupe lists. I decided to try several pots because they were only 99c.
Oh. My. Sweet. Lord. This is a gorgeous eyeshadow. Like others have mentioned, it has just a hint of red, which makes it a really unusual color while remaining a true neutral. I used it for the first time yesterday as a crease color and it lasted all day. 8+ hours. I love it. LOVE. IT.

Review by dlbd2k06: this color is perfect for filling my brows and super cheap! effective!
i use this and i use the ebony shade shadow to set my eye liner. two products i cant live without!

Review by Bonnie2842: Perfect matte warm brown. great basic staple. works great wet as a liner. Not chalky like other matte drugstore shadows. I'll buy again if I ever run out, but a little goes a long way with this.

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Fyrinnae kurisumasu!

Review by mworley00: I am a bit fair to wear this as a highlighter, like the girl below me, but I know it looks fabulous on deeper skin tones. Fyrinnae really nailed describing this one-it is a nice rosy beige that I like to pat over my entire lid, and up past my crease, so that it peeks out under cool brown shadows. I am cool-toned (pink undertones) but warm browns seem to suit me best (I actually don't know if this is weird, I'm not at all knowledgeable about what warm/cool colors suit what skin, I'm just stating what works for me) and so when I wear cool browns, I like to have this underneath to warm them up a bit. It is even pretty on its own on me...just a nice wash of pinky-beige that's perfect for day wear.

Review by betsyab: I am in love with Kurisumasu! I initially got a little half-sample for free with my order (one of the reasons I continue to shop with Fyrinnae...) but I ended up purchasing a full sample pot soon after.

This is such a versatile shade. It's a perfect shell-pink with peach and champagne tones to it. It is not glittery but yields a flattering pearly sheen. You can use it as an all over lid wash, or wear it as a lid colour. I can see it working for most skin tones and it would enhance most eye colours. It pairs well with many eyeshadows in my collection: greys, taupes, soft browns and olive green to name a few. Highly recommended.

Review by belladoggie00: I got a sample of this and I can tell I'm going to run out and need the full size. It's so pretty - pinker than it appears in the website photo. It goes on to my skin even pinker again. But it makes my green eyes look so vividly green, and it's so flattering!! Easy to apply once I got the technique down of picking up a little bit and then rubbing my brush in the lid of the jar to distribute the powder into the bristles.
I never really could be bothered with loose eyeshadow until I tried Fyrinnae and I am hooked now!!!

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Stila antique

Review by Jaie: Antique is a pro shade. Its a matte olive green. Nothing special. Not super pigmented either. Pro pans retail for 14 and the individual shadows come housed in cardboard silver containers and retail for 16.

Review by minnielouse: Antique is a rather drab, matte version of Stila's Sage eyeshadow. It's best worn in the crease with a golden shimmery shade on the lid (particularly good with the likes of Prize and Lame) otherwise it can look rather muddy.

Review by Vaniessa: this is an awesome matte green color, Its closet equivalent is sage which has shimmer and this is completly flat. I like the combo of lemon (lempicka)lame and antique in crease and chocolate as a liner. I am FFF stila shade B, 30 watt

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