what is the best eyeshadow?3 effective eyeshadows compare

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By Marcella

what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 effective eyeshadows compare!


Cargo ColorCards

Review by meeshmu: I know, I know, these got a lot of negative feedback on the boards when they first came out-like why would you pay for samples?? But I'm a cargo fan and this contained some of their brighter, "fun" colors that I wouldn't have bought separetly but still wanted to try. There are 7 colors and each color has 4 cards-as one review said earlier-credit card sized. I've gotten multiple uses from each "card". You actualy get value for the amount of money you pay, and it's a wonderful way to try out a new brand or slightly crazy colors.

Review by JT14: I love this product! It's a great idea and inexpensive for the amount of eyeshadow it contains. These are basically a collection of single-use eyeshadows on little cards, packaged in a small reusable tin. The cards are all the size of a credit card and fit easily in anything. I find myself adding them to my wallet, my purse, my locker, everywhere. The range of colors is beautiful, everything from pale shimmery beige to bright aqua. I think there's about three sets of each color (maybe four). Every color is extremely wearable--sheer, subtle shimmer, and highly pigmented. The lighter colors I can get about 3 uses from each card (b/c i usually use over the entire lid area), and for the darker colors I can use each one as many as six times. Excellent quality and very portable. I won't run out of these soon but when I do I will buy again. Highly recommend!

Review by Erin: I love these. I was in Sephora awhile back and the SA gave me one of the cards (Bermuda) as a sample and I fell in love and ended up buying the whole tin. You get quite a few uses out of these cards and they're super portable. Now onto the colors. They are kind've sheer but still pack a lot of color! Aegean-vibrant blue, very gorgeous. Green Bay-light lime green. Mojave-a light brassy with a tinge of gold. Bermuda-pinky champagne. Corsica-bright gold yellow. Yukon-dark taupe. Costa Rica-very rich forest green. My favorites are Corsica and Yukon which I plan on the full size pan. I already had Costa Rica and love it.

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Urban Decay Mary Jane

Review by kerroppifreak: One day I realized that I didn't have a grey-ish blue eyeshadow so when i saw this at Sephora i had to have it. I love it! the mettalic texture is great... it's shimmery and really pretty. It doesnt have any chunky glitter in it like some of their other e/s.

Review by edie4711: I love this shadow! It's a beautiful blue-ish silver-y color and goes on so smoothly! Not to mention the packaging is super cute as well! BTW, I'm Asian, NC15/NC20, brown eyes, black hair=] This shadow makes my eyes POP.

Review by guitarzan: Of the five new e/s, so far I have only been able to get my hands on this one, and I love it!!! Mary Jane is a metallic medium grey-blue. I say grey-blue, b/c in my opinion it actually has a silver tone to it. It has the same great texture and blendability as the other UD e/s. The colour is quite vibrant, but it is definietly wearable as a lid colour. I would definitely repurchase this one, and I can't wait to try the other new colors!

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Everyday Minerals Bundled Up

Review by andij: Bundled Up is a white matte eyeshadow. I originally bought it to mix with some of my other shades. I tried using it right under my lashes on my lower eyelid and on the inside corner of my eyes and it really wakes up my eyes. It works really well as an eyeshadow base. I am really fair so this might not work for everyone. But if you want to lighten any blush or shadow try this. Very fun to play with!

Review by nemomemo: Bundled Up was my last pick when I ordered the e/s sampler kit from EM, but it's the color I rave about when my friends complement my eyeshadow. This matte-white powder doesn't even really look like it's supposed to go on your face, but wow, what an improvement it makes when I sweep some into the inside corners of my eyes and just a little under them. I'm very fair skinned and don't have dark circles to combat, but this e/s really brightens my face, makes my eyes look wider-set and takes years off my age. ... which is worth noting: once you get into your 30s, it's time to scale back on the super-shimmery stuff. This is a must-have for me!

Review by Vaniessa: One word: WONDERFUL!

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