what is the best eyeshadow?3 effective eyeshadow reviews

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By Marcella

what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 effective eyeshadow reviews!


Pout Eye Slick

Review by taurusgurl5984: Pout's Eyeslicks made me think these creme eyeshadows would be wet-looking. Eyeslicks apply wet with a doe-foot applicator, but they dry to a powder. As always, I read P'ville for application tips before I try new products. Apply Eyeslicks with a clean Q-tip and blend on your lids with a fingertip. The doe-foot applicator will only add more color rather than blend it. Indrani is a gunmental with blue shimmer. It is a dead-ringer for Stila All Over Shimmer eye in #13. Bamboo is a grey taupe. Butterfly is lemony white. I always use Lumene eye makeup primer under my makeup. These didn't crease or fade all day.

Review by GreeneyedGal: I love eye slick i have this in 'bee' which is a bronzy brown. This is normally something i wouldn't look at, but the rep from Pout tried it on me at sephora and i loved it! it makes an awesome base It looks great even alone, nice staying power too.

Review by bastet: I have this in Bamboo and I love it. No need for a shadow primer, this basically works as one. I love how creamy and rich the texture is. I'm interested in seeing how long this product lasts for me.

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Too Faced Galaxy Glam in Shooting Star

Review by SisleyAus: This is by far the most gorgeous black/gold shadow I have ever had! I was scared to try it at first because I often look like I have a black eye when I put black e/s on. Although this shadow is black, it also has a lot of gold in it, and some silver as well! I put this on for going out to the club last night and it turned out beautiful! It gave me a goldish-black smokey eye that wasn't too dark! It's really neat because it looks like a dark smokey color, but when the light his it just right it turns gold! I bought this color and the purple shade and I am very excited about trying this! The shadow itself looks like a mini galaxy (hence it's name). That is what drew me to it! I would definately buy this again! :-)

Review by moth: Sorry to bring down the rating for this but I think it is an over-hyped product. I was excited to try this out, expecting a sexy dark smokey eye with a subtle hint of gold...sounded perfect! However, when I put this on it made my green eyes look amazingly dull and look like I had a black eye. The gold sheen looked really odd, the shadow just looked like an off grey colour with a funky yellow colour running through it, it looked like I had some bad eye fungal infection! Considering the price aswell, I was expecting a lot more. I do however love the green version (moonbeam) and would recommend this one instead of shooting star. Gave it 2 lippys for the texture *very soft* and concept *swirly eyeshadow...what's not to love about that idea?* Unfortunately the colour did just not appeal to me at all.

Review by Dimitra: To try this out, I ordered this color and the Moonbeam and the other one that's blue-ish. I wasn't too wowed by the other two so I returned those but had to keep this one. I love this color. The swirls of black, gold and white makes it easy to pick up with a brush single colored or blended. To do my eye corners, I just use more of the black. On the inner eye I use more of the white and gold and blend outwards. You can really see the color change from light to dark. Or if it's all blended, you can see that it's a soft black with a touch of gold. So beautiful. I'd repurchase if they came out with some other color blends. Not too fond of the screw cap but cute container nonetheless.

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Avon Beyond Color Radiant Lifting Eyeshadow

Review by kat_25: Great for any age group really But If your eyelids are getting too old for frosted eyeshadows, then give this line a try. I am 40 and have been using the beyond color anti-aging cream shadows for at least 7 years now. I dab this on the back of my hand and then gently pat onto my eye lids. Colors are soft and muted with minimal shimmer and no glitter to accent crepey eyelids. I have minimal to no creasing with this but I use a primer. I am fair skinned with pink undertones and love the following colors : Shell ( champagne pink with hint of shimmer), Soft Bliss (bronze with mild shimmer), Pretty Peach ( soft peachy tan with very little shimmer), Cozy blush ( matte bright pink) and Soft Coral ( matte coral tan).

Review by pinktulip: This eyeshadow is awesome!! Easy to apply and lasts all day without wearing off or creasing. I bought two shades to try - Tiger's Eye and Lilac Ice. Lilac Ice doesn't work very well with my complexion (it's too iridescent for me), but Tiger's Eye is really lovely! If Avon does not discontinue this, I will definitely buy again.

Review by taskeeng: I have this in crystal waters, which should be blue but is in fact a whitish grey. So thumbs way down for the color. As for the consistency it's not bad but still creases. So I won't repurchase.

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