what is the best eyeshadow?3 effective eyeshadow review

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By Helen

what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 effective eyeshadow review!


Shu Uemura ME Gray 944

Review by misswillow: Shimmery grey with a taupe undertone, no hint of sparkle. This is a creamy and easy to blend shadow. This is the big sister of Clinique's Foxy, less brown and what Foxy wishes it could be! They go well together to form a somewhat subtle smokey eye, could be easily made intense, but suitable for those who would not wear a smokey eye created with black.

Review by belle2216: When Sephora online finally opened its doors to Canadians, I knew I had to add a Shu eyeshadow to my first order. I was curious about the highly lauded metallics, so I chose a Sephora exclusive, ME Gray 944. The clear square case is clean and simple, letting the shimmery taupe-grey shadow shine through. Of course, regardless of how pretty it looks in the package, the real test is on your lids. This shadow is outstanding. One coat provides gorgeous soft colour and twinkle. Another brushed on top adds luxurious depth and richness. I just checked my eyes after 8 hours wear, and it looks like I just applied it. I must get more of these! They're quite expensive when translated into Canadian dollars, but each contains almost double the product amount of a MAC shadow (2.8 g. vs. MAC's 1.5 g.), so that helps a little!

Review by isabellet: I love this color because it's so versatile: I generally either do a light wash of it in the crease for a daytime look, or heavier in the crease with ME Silver 945 tapped into the upper lash line and smudged into the 944 for a smokier taupey look (then I also line the bottom lashes with the 944). I tried Chanel Vega and liked this (the 944) better. In comparison to the 945, it may not be necessary to get both the 944 and 945, but it's very nice to have both.

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Cover Girl Eyeslicks Gel Eye Color--Pewter

Review by tambien: Really love this neutral color, its gonna be my new daily eye color. The only drawback is that I have to reapply it at lunch time or it sorta fizzles out. Thats okay though cause it comes in such a hand little pencil

Review by laurilauri: i love this eyeslick.its a nice color to highlight and wonderful as a nude base.i love using this in the crease of my eye :] a wonderful purchase for only 5 dollars.

Review by aml1: I am in love with this eyeshadow pencil. It glides on very smoothly with a cooling sensation. The color is golden brown and it complements my tan skin very well.

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Agnes B. Monobulle Vert et Rose (Green and Pink Special Effect Eyeshadow)

Review by cyndiinphilly: I love this color, love the packaging, it has great staying power. I can't live without this color!

Review by edie4711: I also agree that this shade is totally underrated. I have light to medium skin, black hair and brown eyes and this goes on smoothly and sheerly. It works for day, looking like a subtle tan, but also shimmers ever so slightly in the light, reflecting subtle greens and pinks. It is truly beautiful and I have never seen another shade like it in any line.

Review by pulidobl: I have mixed feelings about this eyeshadow. I like to wear it because it's such an interesting color but it doesn't show up very well unless I use it damp. I wear it on days when I want to look like I put forth an effort but don't feel like dealing with liner and all that. Give it a shot but only if it's on sale (which it generally is). Agnes B. products are VERY hit or miss, but this one is a good place to start if you're curious.

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