what is the best eyeshadow?3 easy to use eyeshadows

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By Helen

what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadows !


Flirt Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow in Golden Lady

Review by mielr: Great eyeshadow! i have dark brown eyes and and i like neutral colors. This is a really pigmented golden taupe shadow that lasts all day, i got this along with Candy hearts (a pale lilac color). I am new to this line of make up and i will definitely buy more, i love the quality of this make up, worth every penny.

Review by didion0312: This is a holy grail product! I will cry if they ever discontinue this. It's well worth the 10, it's really pure gold. A+ product

Review by stellaluna2: This is the most amazing perfect bronze-gold I've ever seen. It's got a liquid metal look. It lasts and lasts and looks great on. You get a generous amount of product. The container is made to be cutesy, part flip-up, part pull out. I find it a little annoying. But I'll put up with it bc I'm in love with the e/s. The CS at Kohls was great too.

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Chanel Fascination Quad Fall 2004

Review by bossanovaville: This is one of the best Chanel quads I've ever seen. Upto now I loved my Planetes quad best. This one might become my next favorite. It's so incredibly beautiful. The colors are sparkling and illuminate your eyes. The colors look great on every eyecolor. Great texture, long lasting colors that will last for ages, only thing I don't like are the tiny, spongy appicators.

Review by Jaie: These are great colours in a very nice little black box. You can blend them easily. I use the lightest shade on my hole eyelid and the pink and plum on the outside corner. I finish with the grey as a liner. Definitely my HG for now.

Review by nemomemo: Love this! The yellow color is just great on your eyes or you can dust it over your blush for some brightness. These colors come off very neutral. Perfectly blendable. Chanel is great, you can apply your eyeshadow in the dark and still look great, because they just blend so well with eachother without a whole lot of effort. A beautiful gift for yourself!

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NARS Pearl Beach Cream Shadow

Review by tippygirl: Looks totally awesome with Nymphea or Strada powdered e/s. I'm not into cream shadows myself, but I only like Pearl Beach. :)

Review by oopsygirl: Gorgeous as an eyeshadow or a brow bone highlighter. Perfect light shade of pearly purple

Review by runty: Generally I`m a huge fan of Nars Cream Eyeshadows as their color range is simply gorgeous and I discovered a method to make them stay put for 24 hours: prime your lids (I use too faced), apply the cream eyeshadow with a brush (artificial bristles) and a drop of DuWop`s payoff and finally use a good fixing powder on top (normally meant for camouflage make-up). Whether carioca, mykonos, nomad or lido they look best when simply used as a wash together with highlighter. I was, however, very disappointed with pearl beach. The color payoff is very poor and what showed up with considerable effort was a trashy multicolored dirty rose-color that looked tear-stained instead of flattering.

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