what is the best eyeshadow?3 easy to use eyeshadows review

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By Vicky

what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadows review!


Pure Luxe Cosmetics Ouch

Review by LuiLui: One of my favorite pink shadows that I've gotten numerous compliments on. It doesn't even need to be applied wet it is that bright! To me this is like magenta pink, I really don't see the red that other people are talking about, but maybe if I pair it with other colors (I usually use with PL's Bubble Gum, Bloom, Tickle, etc.) then I will see more of a red tone. It's so beautiful and bright, you have to try this one! I will be getting a full size of this!

Review by bossanovaville: I really wanted a fibrant pink color. And this one is all that. I'ts a bright color even without mixing medium and glides on.

Review by laurilauri: I loved this product.. I love pinks, and this is definetly up there with my fave's now.. It lasted all day, and had great color payoff. It goes on smooth for me, blends well. I agree the description is right on.. It goes well with purples, other pinks, and blacks.. I will also prolly experiment with teals.. I absolutely love this line and the prices are unbeatable for the sample sizes u get..

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NYX Jade

Review by kitten75: this is my favorite e/s. it's a medium-toned matte cool teal. it has tiny flecks of silver in it but they're not noticeable. really great with brown eyes. nice texture, pigmentation, and blendability like other nyx e/s. cool PPP skintone, brown hair and eyes.

Review by kjjamm808: This is a beautiful jade color that leans on the blueish side. For some reason on my pan there are little sparkles visible, but when I apply it goes on with almost a matte quality. It is much more powdery than other NYX eyeshadows I have tried (in the trios), although the pigmentation is fine, but not superb. I also recently bought MAC's Gulf Stream and Jade is a poor man's substitute. I think I will stick to the trios and MAC for pigmented eyeshadows. HTH!

Review by stephanie32082: This shadow isn't as vibrant as I'd hoped. The pigmentation is average, great texture, love the finish (I'm not too into all-out shimmer - I'm in my late teens and even I feel juvenile wearing frosts). The color is beautiful (sea-green) but a little wild for my mostly conservative eyes. Great for an infrequent pop of color, or a night out, blended well with Carbon or Black Tied. Overall, not a must-have shade. Won't repurchase.

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Everyday Minerals Samba Lessons

Review by bebejacket: I just got my Everyday Minerals order in the mail and I am sooooooooo happy! :) This is one of the eye shadows that I ordered along with the sample kit and I really like it a lot. It's a deep dark brown witih silver sparkles and I like how it doesn't have the coppery or reddish sheen to it like many browns do. This is a true dark brown. The color payoff seems to be great and I can't wait to try it on my eyes tomorrow.
So I have tried this on my eyes and it's freakin gorgeous! A true dark brown. Looks very pretty as a brown smokey for night time. It's a little too dark for daytime but I love it! It's rlly pretty.

Review by lbarnold: This is a rich, deep dark chocolately brown with fine sliver shimmer that gives a subtle matt look with a pearly sheen as you don't really see any of the shimmer when applied. Great colour payoff, as this is intense, haven't come across anything like this in other brands. Goes on really smooth too and works great as a liner. This is one of the best Everyday Mineral eyeshadows, which I would absolutely recommend.

Review by Jaie: This is a new shadow that EM is sending out for free with orders over 45 dollars, or at least they are for a few more days. On the website it says that it's intended to be used as an eyeliner which is all I've tried this as so far.
The color is a very, very deep brown with a bit of sparkle, it's a very flattering and natural brown which looks good with brown-black or black mascara. Good for adding a little bit of smokiness around the eye, doesn't smear around too much if applied properly. When used dry it doesn't make a super harsh line, just one good for every day wear.

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