what is the best eyeshadow?3 easy to use eyeshadows comparison

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By Helen

what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadows comparison!


NYX Eyeshadow Pot

Review by almighty_curv: These babies are a great deal! I got this in Cedarwood, a gorgeous brown that goes on well on my tanned skin. It?s highly pigmented, goes on smoothly, lasts long, absolutely a favorite. I?m going to stock up on other colors soon, such a bargain.

Review by Farra: I have been into NYX shadows (and nail polish, and lipstick, and eyeliner) for years now, ever since I first discovered them being sold at my local asian discount beauty supply store. The colors are creamy, smooth and very heavily pigmented. At 5 a pop, I'm on my way to collecting them all! Favorites include root beer, flamingo, black (it's SO BLACK!!), and frosted flake.

Review by sophie_tan: I am a big fan of NYX. Lots of people compare NYX eyeshadows to Mac. I think NYX eyeshadows are Really pigmented, so i do agree.But what I like about Mac eyeshadows, is they put the finishes(frost,matte etc) on the back of the product, unlike NYX. Another downfall for NYX is the packaging, it horrible.Yes, im a clumsy person, and if you drop these the eyeshadow they Shatter! Thats not good!

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Jane Radiation in Good Fairy

Review by kjjamm808: Good Fairy is a silvery shimmer loose pot of color. I tested some tonight on the back of my hand and it basically dissapeared but when I applied it wet, it turned into a beautiful sliver shade. I would definitely use this as a highlighter for my tear ducts and brow bone. The only reason I put that I wouldn't repurchase is because one pot should last me forever.

Review by staci01: This stuff is amazing! Its a loose powder that can be used as an all-over glimmer or an eye-shadow. I did my sisters makeup for prom and we paired this stuff with her silver dress and it came out beautiful! Its very shimmery and just all around gorgeous! It spills very easily though, because theres no cap over the powder..but who cares? For so cheap, just buy a new one!

Review by Jennybear: Loose very pretty dark silver glitter powder. Problem is it gets allll over the place when I use it (I will only use it on my eyes) and the colour is to pigmented to really use as a highlighter or on cheeks. Also the container is a simple messy screw on top and it makes a small mess wheneve I open it. Still beautiful though ;)

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Cargo Duo-Arizona

Review by Lola_Bear: very pretty. Good quality. I'm very fair and it looks great.

Review by LuiLui: Arizona Duo is a shimmery medium violet shade and a shimmering beige with golden undertones. Looks pretty in the pan but really looks great with my brown eyes and NC30 skintone. The beige is a little sheer but can be built up for a soft wash. The purpley shade is perfect for the crease. I love this duo with a shimmery purple liner like BB violet shimmer or SD Zaire. Retails for 20 and comes in a small silver pot.

Review by pink_cosmos: How do you rate a very high quality eye shadow that's in a shitty-ass package? Cargo's little schtick with cheap tin can packaging conveying "makeup is your cargo" doesn't work. This is my fifth Cargo purchase - all of them returned because the tin's lid either is impossible to remove, OR the lid does not stay on at all. I mean the lid pushes ITSELF off when you try to close it. It really sucks because their eyeshadows' quality is extremely high. I'm done with Cargo - I can't have any more eyeshadows crumble out onto everything in my purse anymore. What is Cargo thinking? How can you transport your makeup in these shitty pots? Oh wait, you can't.

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