what is the best eyeshadow?3 easy to use eyeshadow comparison

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By Vicky

what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadow comparison!


Rimmel Rimmel Underground-Stir It Up Eyeshadow in Whatever

Review by lipstik: Very pretty shimmery burgundy w/ pink/gold shimmer to it. Tons of sparkle to this creme shadow so try to blend it thoroughly before swiping it on lids. It will crease if you put on a heavy swipe so it is best to put on a light amount. This also is great as an eyeshadow base too for shimmery bronze colors.

Review by Vaniessa: I bought this and i just love it. I have never had anything like this. OMG it works so great. In the pan it looks like 3 colors. When you put your brush in the pot omg the colors blend to make a new color. It is a great red-ish color. It is hard to say the color. I love it and will be going back to pick up the other colors in the morning. It is just great color. It looks pink,red,and cream. As soon as you touch it becomes this great color.

Review by gogoamy: This eyeshadow, when mixed up, goes on as a muted, shimmery red. It goes on very smooth and pigmented but not overly greasy. It's great as a base for any red or red/brown e/s. It creased on me a little bit after a few hours but pretty much anything creamy creases on me after a certain amount of time. It didn't crease *too* bad and, as I said, everything creases on me (even with UDPP). Still, I wouldn't hesitate using this again.

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Stila Mulberry Pro Shadow

Review by guitarzan: Absolutely love this color- it's one of my favorite Stila e/s and I use it when I do a purple eye. Not too red and not too purple- it's just right for a medium yellow skin toned gal like me!

Review by KateN: I definitely agree with the comment below that Mulberry is comparable to Viola. In fact, kitten or oasis as a highlight, Viola as a 3/4 shade and Mulberry to line and smudge makes an absolutely lovely smokey daytime look. Mulberry is a deep, shimmery plum color that can at times appear purple on my eyes (dark brown) and sometimes appear grey. A very versatile shade!

Review by mielr: Beautiful medium purple with a shimmery texture. It's more purple and slightly darker than Viola. Goes great with Latte, with Haze or Poise as a liner.

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Milani Icy plum

Review by Jaie: my fav milani so far, a soft shimmer lavender. Perfect for lids, or in the crease w/a lighter shade on lid. The quality is excellent and cannot beat the price. looks great on my brown eyes.

Review by mashafromrussia: HG eyeshadow for me...Icy Plum is a silvery plummy taupe that looks stunning on green eyes. I incorporate Icy Plum into any smokey purple eye look I do. Icy Plum dupes MAC Shale. Retailed for 3.50 but unfortunately was discontinued. So annoyed at Milani for doing that. I got a backup via ebay.

Review by shimmering: Icy plum was gorgeous on me. It's the perfect color for cool smoky plum eyes. I wore this color in the crease layered over Clinique Touch Tint in Nude Sparkle and it lasted all day. The most impressive feature was I could wear it! Normally I am horribly allergic to purple shadows despite my preference for purpley shades. Now I have 2 purple shades I can wear: Icy plum and UD Grifter! Will definitely visit the Milani section the next time I go to the US!

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