what is the best eyeshadow?3 best-selling eyeshadows ranking

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By Elena

what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 best-selling eyeshadows ranking!


Neutrogena Mineral Sheers For Eyes in Pebble

Review by fitnessa: This is a great little neutral duo, very subtle colors and shimmer--it gives you that slightly shiny lid that's great for an understated, polished look. It feels chalky if you swipe it with your finger, but is somehow fine when you actually apply it to your skin, smooth and silky. I'm not crazy about the packaging (nicely compact but with a weird opening system), but that's a small quibble. Overall, I love this duo for doing a quick, naturally pretty eye.

Review by pinkiiish: wow i was so surprised how pretty this is. didn't expect much from it..but the reviews just made me want to give em' a try. so glad i listened to the reviews. i used UD eye primer first of course and the colors showed perfectly on me. great for everyday. i loved both colors. i know some peoople didn't enjoy the darker shade too much...but i absolutely loved it as much as the lighter shade. works perfectly together. shimmery but not glittery and annoying.could be an HG everyday eyeshadow for me. great price!
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Review by pinktulip: Are these being discontinued? I can't find them anymore. Neutrogena mineral es are SO great, I've been using this shade and sand forever. Pretty much since I've started using makeup. Natural looking shimmer! I've since gotten into makeup and own lots of of e/s from mac, origins, nars, benefit, but these are still some of the best around.

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Cat Cosmetics Panther

Review by catlover9_9: Black shadow with a hint of gold...great for drylining. Can be very dramatic when also used in corner of eyes. Cat's shadows are No. 1 with me!

Review by ZoSo: I got Panther as a part of the Cameron palette and I have to say, this is the best shade in that palette. I used the palette today and used Panther as a liner used wet. I was a bit skeptical at first because usually a lot of black or charcoal shades with shimmer look flat and the shimmer disappears upon application. The shimmer in this eye shadow was definitely noticeable when applied but it wasn't overkill. A beautiful shade and very unique shade. I would definitely repurchase, but I rarely (if ever) hit pan on anything but we'll see =)

Review by suze9_8: I just got 3 of the cat cosmetics shadows, and I really love this one! I use it as a liner. Today I tried applying with a damp brush and it was amazing. Sparkly black with gold flecks and it lasted all day with no smudging at all! Highly recommend!

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Annabelle Mono Eyeshadow - Ebony

Review by laurilauri: Ebony appears to be a basic black matte eyeshadow, but when applied it has a very faint hint of silver shimmer. It's not super pigmented, but is still rich in colour and buildable. The texture is fantastic; smooth, silky, and buttery. Its versatile and very easy to blend. No issues or concerns with either fading or creasing, but I do wear a primer underneath my shadows. It fits nicely into my MAC palette and I only paid less then 4.

Review by AokiJ: Ebony is a basic matte black, is has barley any shimmer in the light
its perfect for using it as an eyeliner if u wet a thin brush!
and to think i was going to bye a mac eyeshadow! this is just as good but less than half the price!

Review by Farra: I bought this a few days ago cause shoppers drug mart was having a sale. The compact and mono eyeshadows were 2.99 each so i decided to create a quad. I bought ebony and it is by far my favourite. I was gonna buy carbon by mac but i felt like i didnt wanna spend 13 on a matte black colour. I bought this colour and was surprised by how amazingly pigmented it is. I did a look today with it an am completely happy with it. The whole transaction (1 quad + 4 eyeshadows) was about 17 in total. yayy happy wallet

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