what is the best eyeshadow?3 best eyeshadow comparison

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By Monica

what is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 best eyeshadow comparison!


L'Oreal L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eyeshadow Single in Deep Mocha

Review by cosmokid: Perfect shade...great coverage and lasts all day. Can achieve anything from a natural to smokey look in seconds with this product.

Review by SisleyAus: This is a matte shade; I tried it in the crease of my eyes and it's too dark. So, I tried it out as an eyeliner and an eyebrow color. It works out perfect for both and I will definitely buy this product again...

Review by lbarnold: love this color! it's a nice matte chocolate brown that I use in my everyday look, along with CG Champagne and Mink. I have found that it also makes a good brow powder :) I would repurchase it.

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Iman Luxury Eye Shadow - African Violet

Review by Jessimau: This is a deep purple near black with a slight metallic sheen. The glitter doesn't appear plus it looks quite chunky in the pot that I don't really want it to show up. I bought this on a whim seeing it in a DR pharmacy and never again have I seen IMAN products again unfortunately. Overall the quality and texture is nice, it's interesting used wet too. Takes some work to get the color out of the pot, but after that it applies nicely. The price is alright. I wasn't expecting to see this brand in a drugstore really so I didn't mind paying 9 for it.

Due to the metallic sheen, this eyeshadow looks really interesting when wet too.

Review by tetrakis: I absolutley loved this

Was a color i loved to use everyday and didnt crease and i know it should cuz i was OILY!!!!

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Jordana Eye Shadow- Ebony

Review by auth: What's not to like?? A great shadow to include in all your palettes, to darken shades (apply Ebony first w/ a soft fluffy brush, then desired shadow) and/or wetline. Wonderful to as a liner base for liquid glitter liners! Don't know how many girlfriends I've given this to wetlining beginners; all found it easy to use and very dramatic. IT'S A DOLLAR, OKAY??? :D

Review by JettNY: What can I say?! I LOVE this eyeshadow. I bought it based on the great reviews and I couldn't be happier. It is a true matte black and the texture is smooth. I use it as an eyeliner with my EOB slanted eyeliner brush. It works GREAT. The pigmentation is great when used wet AND dry. If I have to name one product that I cannot live without, then this is it. Cannot say enough great things about it. Go and get it if your current eyeliner pencils do not perform as well as you'd like. It really defines and brings out my eyes without smudging. Love love this product. I hope they will never discontinue it. Who would think a great product like this cost only 99 cents? Definitely will re-purchase if I ever run out!

Review by cyndiinphilly: Like other have said, a very basic product for a great price that does a great job. It's simply a matte, black shadow that looks great to set liner or use in place of (can be used wet or dry). It's an essential item that can also be very subtle (mis with some translucent powder to get a nice gray), or can darken other shades to make them more versatile. The price cannot be beat, the pigment is good and the packaging is basic, but nice as well. I looked for a matte black shadow for a long time and was glad to find a d/s item that works so well.

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