what is the best eyeliner?3 popular eyeliner

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By Vicky

what is the best eyeliner?Let's see the 3 popular eyeliner !


MAC Powerpoint eyeliner in Permaplum

Review by aguskl: Wonderful eyeliner, long lasting, easy to apply as it just glides on. Nice thing about this eyeliner is before it "sets" you have time to smudge it out a bit if you don't want a harsh line. And the plum shade absolutely makes my brown eyes pop. I like to wear this with Juxt eyeshadow. I always get compliments when I pair the two together.

Review by oneofmylies99: i really like this liner. i rim my inner rims all the time and this stuff stays much longer than any other liner ive tried. it is a very dark purple, not as harsh as black, but purple enough to help my green eyes stand out. i would definitly rebuy, and im lemming stubborn brown as well.

Review by cosmokid: Permaplum is perfection! I used to think black was the only eyeliner color for me, but that was until a MAC associate had me try permaplum. I was at the MAC counter to buy some fake eyelashes to wear for my wedding, and I'm so glad she recommended this plum shade. I never would have picked it up on my own. It's subtle, doesn't looked too purple-ly and it's flattering to brown eyes. I wore this on my wedding day and I wear it frequently to work, etc. It's dramatic enough to enhance your eyes, but not so much so that it screams, "look I'm wearing purple eyeliner!"

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MAC Liquidlast Liner - Aqualine

Review by shimmering: Ever since I swapped for this one, it's my fourth LiquidLast, I haven't looked back at other liners. this is a BRIGHT gold-based turquoise. It's a great basic to have in any makeup arsenal. I get oily and watery eyes, and I thought gel liners were the best [even though they still smeared, they were better than pencil liners]. These just won't come off, in a good way of course. I can tear up, or anything, and this liner doesn't budge. It will easily come off with Pond's Cold Cream, which I use, and a huge plus. It gets a 4 for the brush for packaging. I can easily use it, and then use a EOB eyeliner brush to smudge it out before it dries. These eyeliners are my HG, and I will buy this again!!

Review by marsqurine: This was a nightmare getting this off my eyes even with remover. It made my eyelids feel stiff when I first put it on. This is a bad eyeliner and I am returning it.

Review by scrapdoll: MAC liquidlast is my go-to eyeliner. It stays on for a long time, it's very waterproof (I've worn it swimming and at waterparks, and it doesn't budge) and aqualine is a gorgeous and very eye catching colour!
I got it for around 20 CAD. My tube had a really strong cream cheese smell, but I've bought other tubes of liquidlast before and they smelled fine.
I haven't got surgeon hands, so after I've drawn the line, I neaten it up with a Q-tip with baby oil on it. I also use baby oil to take it off, you need a really oily makeup remover for this eyeliner.
All around great liquid eyeliner :)

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Stila Kajal Metallics

Review by aznbebebabe: Got the Bronze one in a swap (along with two other non-metallic Kajals). I love the texture--soft and creamy, no pulling on my eyelids. My skin (and eyelids) are dry, so I don't have any problems with this lasting all day. The Beautique pencil sharpener that Sally Beauty sells does an excellent job sharpening these liners, so there's no need to buy the Stila sharpener.

Review by lizbert: I got the Bronze liner in a swap and boy do I love it! It goes on so smoothly. Most of my eyeliner pencils are hard, don't go on easily and end up hurting my eyes when I apply them (I usually wear a liner I can put on with a brush because of this), This went on quickly, easily and smoothly. I will definately get other Kajal liners.
I have dark brown eyes and the bronze liner made the bronze flecks in my eyes come out.
I highly reccomend this line.

Review by Keva: Oohhh in a moment of weakness I picked up this set in the January sales...they were very soft on my hand but then everything feels soft when you test it, but I have to confirm it is very silky, and very nice to apply to the eyes. The colours are good, the best in the lighter beige, although the other two colours are also good, universal colours to wear.

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