what is the best eyeliner?3 good eyeliner

By Stella

what is the best eyeliner?Let's see the 3 good eyeliner !


Chantecaille Le Stylo Liquid Eyeliner

Review by lorraine07: TRUE black liner, easy to use as a sharpie! You can dot it in between lashes or make a thin or thick line with ease.
It stays on, and the color stays true. Dries fast but not too fast. I'd but again in a heartbeat. Packaging is also super pretty, it's a chrome pen. The logo writing comes off easily but that doesn't bother me.

Review by shopgirl087: The best eyeliner felt tip I have come across. I have this in black and it manages to give a continuous line with no effort at all. Unlike many other felt tips eyeliner I have used, this gives a very "true" black as everything I have used in the past has turned gray or kind of greenish - this stays black even on top of eyeshadow, it lasts all day and does not smudge.
You can draw a very thin line or go thicker by simply applying less or more pressure. Comes in a slinky silvery tube and a click cap. The price is high - would repurchase as I have not found anything as good as this so far!

Review by aml1: This pen is pretty awesome!!
it comes out in a really dark black colour which i love!
fairly easy to use, does not seem to feather much so far and does not budge!
i have fairly sensitive eyes, so far it really has not irritated my eyes and has not caused them to water - yay!
sounds like a winner to me.
strawberrynet have them for a fairly reasonable price!

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MAC Powerpoint Eyeliner - Bordeauxline

Review by i_darling: Makes my brown eyes look like Natalie Wood! To make my eyes up for special occasions, I use this, a light purple eyeshadow wash and brown all over over the purple. I looooove this.

Review by kat_25: I don't know how this product has so many good reviews. I am so let down by the color of this pencil. On my hand when testing it in the store it looked great and was just what I was looking for. When I put this around my eye area it looks muddy and far from the color it is supposed to be. I will just stick to MAC's fluidlines from now on, this one is going back.

Review by runtagua: Great eyeliner! It is not overpowering and is a great complimentary color. The eyeliner is soft and gentle and applies smoothly.

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Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil

Review by misswillow: I received the #506 Pinky Grey in swap....was sort of strange as the pencil has a gold top, but the actual pencil color is a silvery light pinkish/mauve. It goes on smoothly, has a nice metallic shimmer that is not over the top, and makes my green eyes pop. I'm getting tired of the dark smoky eye, and sometimes just want a fresh, pretty look...I use this as an eyeliner, above lashes and under lower lashes, with lots of black mascara, and it looks really fresh, makes my eyes greener, and adds a bit of glimmer....it's a quick way to "freshen up" if you don't want to do lots of makeup....I would buy this again. I've used NYX jumbo pencils which are very similar, but IMO, they are waxy and don't have the pigment Sephora's do, and they don't last nearly as long.

Review by bebejacket: these are the best thing eye pencils i've tried. I was looking for something cheaper than BeneFit eyebright and this one in Pink is it. I also own one in green that I use as a base for green eye shadow and it works great, no glitter (unlike Urban Decay). definitely give it a try, for 6 it's worth it.

Review by Lola_Bear: I have this pencil in a charcoal color, and I really do like it. It has a great texture and goes on very smooth. The color is great and looks the same on my eyes as it does before I put it on.
I took off one lippy because it smudges if I've been wearing it all day. This is partly because my skin is oily. The smudging is great for a smoky eye (this pencil does a BEAUTIFUL smoky eye), but not so great when I just want it to line my eyes.

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