what is the best eyeliner?3 best-selling eyeliners

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By Christina

what is the best eyeliner?Let's see the 3 best-selling eyeliners !


Black Radiance Continuous Creme Eyeliner

Review by abrilio: At first this eyeliner was a bit watery and not super black but when u give it some time it does turn into a true jetblack. I absolutely luv it and for the price its amazing. And its freakin cheap, whatt!!!

Review by spitfireseven: This is easily the beat cream eyeliner that Ii've purchased. I got mine from CVS there are two colors I got the classic black. The pigment in this is excellent. It's very creamy and lasts all day. The classic black is a true jet black color. Oh and best of all this stuff is dirt cheap .I use my own brush for better results.

Review by dontblink15: HG EYELINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes yes yes yes i would def. buy this again.ive bought tons and tons of eyeliners and liquid liners.but now ive finaly found my HG EYELINER.this doesnt budge which is good for my oily lids.and i love how soft this is the brush is iight but i used my own.this was a good 4.99 investment

update:july 6th 2010
this sucks soooooo bad it used to last me all day now it can hardley last me 4 hrs.

1st reviews 5 lippies
update:1 lippie

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Stila Smudge Pot in Amethyst

Review by kitkat85: I love the new limited edition liners from Stila. They are super shimmery and four very unique colors. The product is much creamier now and very easy to apply with a lot of shimmer. Amethyst is the most unique purple i own. Instead of being the typical dark blackened purple this is a stunning shimmery blue violet shade. Its much lighter than BB violet gel liner or MAC prunella or MAC macroviolet or Sue Devitt Zaire. Its also deeper than MAC Iris Eyes or MAC Lilacky. I love it. Looks fantastic with the new Rain Showers quad or any purple shadows. Very great color. Lasts all day with slight smudging after 8 hours of wear. Retails for 16 and comes in a large round pot with clear base and color coordinated lid. I love that you can really see the shimmer when you wear these new liners.

Review by jenss79: The Amethyst smudgepot is a wonderful product from Stila. Unlike their first round of smudgepots (brown, gray, plum, emerald, navy, and black), the newer shades in Cobalt, Amethyst, Jade, and Bronze have a wonderful texture and pigment. Softer than the originals and with a hint of shimmer, these apply easier and smoother. Amethyst is a lovely medium purple shade with a hint of shimmer and looks great with Stila's Key and Wisteria eyeshadows.

Review by Keva: COlourings: Asian MAC NC25-30
This was an impulse buy. But it's sooo pretty! I wish this wasn't LE! :( Its a lovely violet with shimmer. It applies pretty true to pot shade, only with more of a shimmer. It is a great everyday kicked up a noch kinda liner. I really like the shimmer in this. Very pretty!

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Cover Girl Outlast Smoothwear All-Day Eyeliner - Olive

Review by Carrie: I use this color as my weekend-almost-no-makeup look eyeliner. I often wear it just with mascara, no shadow. It highlights my eyes nicely without looking too obvious. I'm a neutral PPP with brown eyes, BTW. And it's definitely an unusual color. But I really don't think the wear is anything special - it smudges and smears as much as any other pencil. Only L'Oreal Line Intensifique or Lancome Artliner actually stays on my oily lids. Still, this is a good drugstore find.

Review by suze9_8: well, i bought this today (Yes its discontinued, but i bought it at a biglots) and so far im in love with it but of course im always late on things haha! so i fully intend to go tomorrow and buy them out on it ( for 2.00 a piece im getting as many as i can!!) so thats why they received a 1 in price from me, cause im sure when it was popular it was alot more in cost :-P its an all around beautiful product.

Review by kimmie578: I love this eyeliner! The only reason I gave it 4 lippies is b.c (like another MUA'er stated), the tip got all smashed into the lid (not sure if it was my fault or how it was packaged, but I never had that problem with other liners). That being said, brown liner gets boring, and this is a great alternative for an everyday shade- not another boring gray or brown. It's also just enough that it's not too dramatic or harsh, just right! I will be buying this again (and making sure it's wound down as much as possible before puttin the lid on!!)

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