what is the best eye treatment?3 recommended eye treatment

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By Helen

what is the best eye treatment?Let's see the 3 recommended eye treatment !


Gerda Spillman Eye Region Cream

Review by cgosyne: I love this Eye Cream. It smells so good, it's a creamy consistency so it doesn't run everywhere. I had problems with a lot of product irritating my skin, I have very sensitive skin around my eyes, and this has never once irritated or After applying it I feel like my eyes have been thru their very own Spa Treatment. I don't feel like the price is too outrageous considering what you're getting and how long it lasts (mine lasts 5 months). Occasionally it goes on sale too. I buy again and again!! I will forever too!

Review by askewchick: Oh, how I wish I could afford this! What a wonderful eye cream... the other reviews sum up how great it is so I won't bother with another longer review. It works... smoothes the eye area and sinks it immediately (1-3 seconds). The smell is pleasant and fades quickly. I received a sample of this and cannot afford the 50 they charge for it. I am a military spouse and money isn't something I have to spare. I put it on my Christmas list so maybe my parents will pity me and buy it! I am only 28 so it really isn't a necessity.... yet.

Review by coolRED: Wonderful product. The scent is gentle and natural but doesn't linger; consistency is creamy but not greasy. Doesn't drag when applying. Sinks right in and feels so smooth. I keep it in the fridge for a cooling effect. This also prolongs its life as one pot lasts me for six months, so it's well worth the price. It hasn't caused any irritation for my eczema-prone, sensitive skin and stye-prone eyes. I find this depuffs almost instantly and helps with discolouration around the eyes (dark circles and reddening). Overall it makes me look more rested. I'm on my second jar now, and will continue to buy. Wish this was more widely available!

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G.M. Collins Bota Peptide Contour Cream

Review by quantumkitten: Amazing results are sure to show with this product. I dont have many lines and wrinkles but usually have the undereye lines and sometimes can wake up with puffy eyes. When I put this on in the morning it, it sucks it all away and the lines are gone. My undereye area is smooth and clean looking. I love this stuff!!! I let my mother try this, who works 12 hour shifts and has heavier wrinkles and dark circles and she was amazed at the results. It took all the puffiness away and diminshed her circles. This is pricy but so worth it for the results you get.

Review by fitnessa: HG Eye Cream. Without a doubt I have tried 50 eye creams, and nothing is better than this! I am on my 3rd bottle now, and will never be without it! It is very expensive, but it does seem to last a while (and 2 of us are using it). It is light and spreads easy, but rich and hydrating. Vitamin K is one of the main ingredients, so it really keeps shadows under the eye away. No joke, since using this, I have not needed undereye concealer once! Fine lines are softened a lot, eyelids are tighter. I actually switched to the entire line of GM Collin (face wash, treatment lotion(toner), collagen gel and moisturizer. My skin is at least 5 years younger looking...and I did a good 20 years of heavy tanning (regret now a lot!!).

Review by kat_25: I use this every night and although the few wrinkles around my eyes are still there they are less noticeable and more plumped out.

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MD Forte skin rejuvenation eye cream

Review by diachu21: This is a fabulous eye cream and works like a dream for fine lines and overall moisturizing. I have spent up to 200 for eye cream, and this one tops them all. Also, the packaging prevents the product from becoming contaminated...no fingers in the jar. I wear contact lenses and have trouble with most creams...Either they cloud up my lenses, or have an offensive smell. Not with this one. I have bought it again and again, and will buy again.

Review by Keva: hi everyone.
This is the worst product i have ever used. Please do not use it. It caused redness and irritation under my eyes. Also more fine lines and my skin looks creepy. I have stopped it from two weeks and still this area is soooo sensitive. BE CAREFUL

Review by Suzy_h: Great eye cream. I don't have wrinkles yet but i've noticed such a difference in the smoothness around the eye area. My mom uses it and she said her fine lines have somewhat faded. I would definitely purchase again.

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