what is the best eye makeup?3 best-selling eye makeup

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By Vicky

what is the best eye makeup?Let's see the 3 best-selling eye makeup !


Stila Teak Convertible Eye Color

Review by KateN: Oh I like this! So handy to pop in your handbag. A perfect colour for a fair skinned blonde. The liner is great and the shadow is so handy. Have to try more colours now :)

Review by aguskl: I would have to say that this is a great product. I normally use brown set of colors for eyes so and these match perfectly with my dark dark brown eyes.

Review by mulhollanddrive: This is a great product for people who have busy mornings. I love using this product when I wake up late and is rushing because I don?t need to use any tools to apply and it is all self contained. The color combo is great for me, I have brown eyes and olive skin and it give a nice color without being to dark for my taste. It wears well and the product itself is great. As for the packaging, not so good... I hate that when I forget to completely twist the liner down it smashing in the lid, even if it is only up a tiny bit! Sometimes the powder falls out when I open the center also. The only thing that saves the packaging for me is the convenience that it is all in with, including a blender tip. I can also deal with it because I got this and another color on sale for 6 each at anthropologie, cant beat that right!

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Rimmel Liquid Liner

Review by Erin: WoW! This is simply perfect! The best liquid eyeline on the market!

Review by rebec75: This is my FAVOURITE liquid liner. I've used this by itself and it lasts ALL day. It HARDLY smudges if any at all. I usually put on gel liner first and then this over it and it gives it a great bold look and I love it =] Not willing to try a new one yet, it would be hard to beat this one.

Review by almighty_curv: BRILLIANT! Have been using this for like years! Cheap too!

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Beauticontrol Color Feeze Eyeliner

Review by Viognier: This is a great liner that doesn't smear or smudge or wear off like others tend to do. If your looking for a long lasting liner than look no further than this!

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: This is a long lasting eyeliner. Goes on very smooth. Self sharpening liner. This is from their Color Freeze line of products so has super lasting. Once applied and allowed a minute to set, thats it! Your set for the day!

Review by AimeeO: I was not impressed with how this went on. It compares to the Cover Girl self-sharpening pencil that I used to use. The BC color defining pencils are much better IMO.

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