what is the best candles?3 best candles

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By Sara

what is the best candles?Let's see the 3 best candles !


Yankee Candles Housewarmer - Harvest

Review by Dimitra: MY FAVORITE. It smells SO good, yet I can't really put my finger on it! It's a mix of spice, pumpkin..and something else. I just can't think of it. Its really a unique scent and it is PERFECT for the fall season, just perfect. I cant rave enough about this candle. Get it!

Review by Olive143: Harvest (and Spiced Pumpkin) are "must haves" for fall in my home. I buy them every year. The throw is great and the scent fragrances my entire LR and kitchen. I've sampled their new fall add-on's every year but these are still my favorites.

Review by Capprii: Wonderful scent! My favorite "fall" type scent from Yankee, by far. It makes me think about picking out pumpkins and having hot apple cider--part of my favorite time of year, so I burn this all year round! The only problem I have is the SOOT that builds up! I trim the wick, keep it out of drafts, but I still get soot around the top of the jar! If Yankee switched to soy wax, I would bet that this problem would be solved!

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A Zaftig Woman Red Currant Soy Tart

Review by pinktulip: I have been burning this for over 3 days now and its still going strong! Wonderful tart, currant sent. With a zing of lemon. I swear I almost detect a bit of cinnamon too. Really interesting scent. I love it.

Review by redheadjane: I'm hooked on AZW tarts. They're pricier than other tarts that are out there, but are worth it, IMO. This tart smelled floral unburned, but once it became liquid smelled soooo good---I would like to say a fruity slightly floral smell with a little bit of a lemon undertone. Very nice fragrance, but didn't last as long as her other tarts.

Review by liselise1: This is a very lovely, refreshing and true Red Currant scent...reminds me a lot of Votivo's, except that this is a helluva lot cheaper! The scent throw of the soy tart is amazing, and even after the tealight is out, my room is still strongly scented hours later. Will definitely repurchase again and again.
EDIT: One tart lasted through 28+ hours (7 4hr tealights) of strong scent!!! One of the longest lasting tarts I've come across so far...holy moly :)

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A Zaftig Woman Strawberry Colada Soy Tart

Review by marsqurine: Smells just like the drink to me. Very nice strawberry scent! Yummmmmmmmmm...
Strong scented as well!

Review by Ellz: I love AZW tarts -- they have terrific throw and last a long time. The strawberry colada scent is fabulous -- a juicy, sweet strawberry that smells great in my house!

Review by vengland: This smells so much like a strawberry colada, it's crazy! It makes me want to get a fruity drink. Even my b/f likes this one.

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