what is the best bronzers?3 top bronzers

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what is the best bronzers?Let's see the 3 top bronzers !


Hard Candy Beach Glow Bronzer

Review by guitarzan: This is Hard Candy's "new" bronzer. It is *great* for PPP's like me that have a hard time finding a bronzer that dosn't go on too dark. This comes in a cute silver rectangle mirrored compact (it comes with a little brush too, but I do not use the brush...I use Sephora's bronzer brush). This product has a slight shimmer to it (very subtle...just "luminous" looking on). Coverage is sheer but buildable. It gives my PPP skin a sunkissed glow!

Review by cperry: Very pretty bronzer. Adds a subtle sheen of beautiful tanned color to your skin. The brush it comes with it useless, but aren't all brushes that come with shadows/blushes? You get a generous size for the price. It turns each makeup look from drab to fab!

Review by bunnyrabbit: I have LORAC Bronzer from the Beach Bag set,but it has SO much shimmer I can really only use it on my cheeks. This bronzer is great for all over the face. I just dust it all over with a big brush and I really do look like I have a really natural tan...I can't wait to use it when I actually have a tan. :) The color may be a little to orangey if you have really light skin. It is great, though!

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Christian Dior Dior bronze sun powder spray - 002

Review by IiIy: This product provides perfect, even coverage and especially enhances skin that is already slightly tan. If your skin isn't tan, it is also great in conjunction with a bit of bronzing powder. Either way, it definitely adds that extra glow. I love make-up, and I am a fickle consumer, but I am already on my third spray can. Throughout the year I receive compliments on my "tan," and I always credit this product. Highly recommended.

Review by bebejacket: I tried this on at the Dior counter wanting to recieve bronze glow, which is exactly what it gave. I really does give glow and subtle bronzing. I you want more effect you can do the procedure twice. After wearing a day I will go back and purchase, I was actually amazed at the counter after SA sprayed it on me, and it is not often you get that amazed! I am just sad about 1) a bit pricy 2) that I did not find this product much earlier!

Review by Bonnie2842: Possibly one of the best bronzers that i've owned. It didnt make me orange-y at all and I got the best tan ever! I would purchase this again and again if it werent for the price (60)

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Pout Shimmer Swirls

Review by labelslut: My HG highlighter. Absolutely, its a blush/highlighter for me - I have this in Baked Sugar, the pink swirl. Packaging is gorgeous, girly and looks high end, and the sheen, and oh so delicate shimmer it gives my cheeks is wonderful. I wear this on its own on a light m/u day, or wear it layered over MAC Springsheen, or MAC Dainty to add a bit of depth, but man.. its beautiful. Definitely a staple in my collection.

Review by stephanie32082: The packaging is gorgeous - I love the classic bronze looking compact and it's slim and lightweight so you can put this in your handbag easily. It has a mirror, which is a bonus,
It may be a little too sparkly for me, but it's great for a subtle golden glow, by just sweeping the colours lightly. It's got gorgeous sunkissed colours that can be used for bronzing, highlighting, or used on the eyelods. You can also use the white, in the middle of the circle to highlight underneath your brows, which is great! It has 5 colours - some are beautiful goldeny-bronzy tones, whilst some are more on the pink side, so they compliment each other AMAZINGLY.

Review by pulidobl: Absolutely FABULOUS product. I wanted a blush-bronzer that gave a subtle gleam to my fair skin when used as a highlighter/blush. This gorgeous-appearing product fits the bill perfectly. It comes in two shades, Baked Spice and Baked Sugar. I picked the paler one, Baked Sugar. The packaging is to die for...metallic copper with a fabulous lacy design in pale beige. It's worth having just for the compact.

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