what is the best body skin care?3 best body skin care

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By Sara

what is the best body skin care?Let's see the 3 best body skin care !


La Ligne de St. Barth Huile d'Avocat (Avocado Oil)

Review by Stampy_76: Ligne St. Barth Avocado Oil is absolutely the best body oil I've ever used. Used right after the shower, it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated the entire day, even during the summertime, and I live in a dry, hot climate. The scent is lovely -- beachy and tropical, yet elegant. It always makes me feel like I've just stepped off the beach of a tropical island. It is a bit pricey and can be hard to find, but it's certainly worth it in my opinion.

Review by runty: one of the best oil moisturizer i've ever tried ,the scent is totally stunning and i also use it for my hair

Review by betsyab: I have been using this oil for sometime now. It is wonderful as a sensual massage oil and also as a moisturizer after a shower. I also use it in my hair as a conditioning treatment. It smells divine and reminds me of the beach without being typically coconut. I just wish it was a little less expensive.

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Nivea Bath Care Shower Oil

Review by sophie_tan: This comes in a nice slim clear bottle with an amber colored oil. It looks and feels just like oil, once it contacts water then it foams quite well but you just need a lot of water for that to happen. It has a nice fresh sublte scent, but nothing out of the ordinary. Probably not for travel, as the lid may accidently open but a nice size. It doesn't irritate my dry sensitive skin, but i just like Dove sensitive wash much better (moisturises more and gorgeous milky smell). In fact, this is quite good, but i think im just more into creamy texture wash instead of oils.

Review by belladoggie00: This is one of my favorite showering products. It is so pleasant, esp. in winter. I adore it. I have never enjoyed that much any of much more expensive shower oils. I don't know ingredients here but it is so gentle, so fine, it is pleasure to use it. It is not overly scented - I like that.

Review by Chloeclover: Pleasant and subte smell and it leaves your skin moist, but not oily.

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Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel in Warm Vanilla Sugar

Review by LuiLui: I got this and returned it. I like the idea of lotion for your hands that is small enough for your purse but the scent on these evaporates much faster than the regular lotions. The warm vanilla sugar scent is a favorite of mine but the smell dissapated too quickly to enjoy so I returned this for the regular lotion!

Review by zhenya: I love this scent! Smells yummy and sweet. However, I don't think it cleanses as well as my other hand sanitizers. Too much like a mini lotion. But because of the scent, I love it anyway. :-)

Review by lorraine07: i always carry this around in my purse. Make sure to buy the one WITHOUT the beads, not the one with them, as it is MUCH more moisturizing. I use this when I am out in public to kill yucky germs after using a public restroom. The smell is great, I love vanilla so this one is really nice.

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