what is the best body lotion?3 easy to use body lotion reviews

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By Fiora

what is the best body lotion?Let's see the 3 easy to use body lotion reviews!


L'Occitane Rose Pearlescent Cream

Review by amystar: Love the scent and the container, but not a big fan of the product itself. The glitter bothered me a lot, I felt like it got everywhere. It also was not moisturizing enough for my skin, other lotions and creams from L'Occitane were much better.

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: Love this! I bought it in a boxing day sale and I like it. I really enjoy the fragrance, which somehow is quite soothing. I wear this every morning after shower and the scent does linger all day. Its a keeper.

Review by dontblink15: Pros - Smell and texture
Cons - Cost, not suitable for winter when skin is very dry.
I enjoy using this product and it is a treat for me which has now become a bad habit. I'm a big fan of rose scented products, I find this rose scent is a lovely and subtle. It's a bit pricey and in the winter my skin is very dry and this just isn't an effective moisturiser. I like the packaging, it gives it that air of indulgence. I wish they made a travel size version as the glass jar is heavy and not suitable for taking it overseas. The pearlescent aspect is gorgeous since I'm too lazy to use glitter and other stuff, so a soft sheen works well for me.

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Ahava Dermud Enriched Intensive Foot Cream

Review by kitkat85: Purchased at BBW, with a 20% off coupon. I would say this is a very good foot cream. I don't say excellent, since I was looking for more than a moisturizer, but one that also has AHA exfoliate and possibly a bit of menthol for a tingling effect. This however is far better than anything else BBW currently carries.
This formula is very emollient, and sinks right ink, without any greasiness.

Review by vengland: I, too, got this as a sample, and it's amazing! I've never liked my feet, but this makes my feet so moisturized and soft that I almost want to show them off anyway! It's a very thick product, which does absorb very quickly and isn't greasy at all. It doesn't have a very strong smell, and the smell disappears quickly, but when it is there, it smells almost like workman's puddy to me. Whatever it is, it works!

Review by stephanie32082: my oh my...now this is how luxury foot cream should feel like. Its very nice, with minimal fragrance (thats they best part, and it doesnt clash with my perfume). It absorbs quickly.

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Fresh Rice Dry Oil

Review by GreeneyedGal: The oil sinks right in so you don't feel like you're marinading and the smell is glorious. My other half bought it for me as a less-offensive-but-equally-self-serving-as-lingerie-gift. At 50 per bottle, yes it is an indulgence, but you won't find anything that has that scent anywhere (even the body cream, which wouldn't save you anything anyway). It's saving grace is that a little goes a long way. Put it on your Christmas list and start behaving nicely.

Review by oopsygirl: Wonderful scent. Dissolves immediately. At 45, much too expensive, but if you want an oil that will dissolve quickly and not come off on clothing, etc., this is ideal.

Review by tambien: NECTARS OF THE GODS! This stuff is more than amazing- Fresh has out done themselves with this one. Opening the cap the aroma is like opening fresh peaches drowning in simple syrup.The scent is organic and comforting. I purchased the non spray bottle and I have to be careful to use just a little as a small amount goes a long way. The oil easily absorbs and softens on contact with skin. The fragrance lingers- a blend of ripened sweet and tart - just luscious and a fragrance as well as a moisturizer.This is by far the most enjoyable product by Fresh if that can be. I will not be without even with the hefty price.

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