what is the best body lotion?3 easy to use body lotion review

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By Tifanny

what is the best body lotion?Let's see the 3 easy to use body lotion review!


Laura Mercier French Vanilla Souffle Body Cream

Review by drusilladru: I absolutely love this stuff! It smells heavenly and I always get tons of compliments when I wear it. I'm not a fan of perfumes as I have horrible allergies and tend to sneeze when I spray them so perfumed creams/lotions work best for me. This is my HG! This cream is expensive but lasts a long time. I just apply on my arms and chest and the compliments roll in all day. I gave it a 3 for packaging because it gets more difficult to dig out of the jar near the end but I will never stop using this awesome cream! Would highly recommend!

Review by Newme: I'm glad I didn't buy this product unsmelled. I stopped at the LM counter at my local Nordie's to check it out. It comes in the usual jar (not the greatest for getting the product out) and the usual LM quality is there. It feels like silk going on and is very moisturizing. However, I did not like the scent. Unlike the Cream Puff scent, which I found to be a pretty straight vanilla, there's something cloying here--maybe the fig note--and I could not detect a bit of amber or sandalwood, even after wearing it all day (however, better noses than mine may pick up those notes). The scent is quite strong, and it's something I couldn't imagine being enveloped in all day without getting a headache. I will not purchase.

Review by Lyssa2676: My high school French teacher, on days she wore her favorite perfume, used to sniff her arm and say, "Je scent bonne!" That's how I feel when I wear this. The scent of this cream is fantastic -- vanilla that could actually come from an orchid plant and not from a baked good, and fig. I wear it with L'Artisan Perfumeur fig perfume, and it's a great combo. I'm not much for the jar (I didn't use mine for a while and it got kind of icky around the top). I would say that the price is insane for lotion, but the fact that the fragrance is so great and lasts from morning till night makes it worth it.

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Aveeno Creamy Moisturizing Oil

Review by AimeeO: Great lotion! Keeps my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Review by Chloeclover: Probably on my 5th bottle of this. I stopped counting. I do tend to skip around with lotions a bit, but I keep this in the rotation at all times. I love the way it smells. Kind of like almonds. Also, it isn't waxy at all, and sinks right into my skin. Maybe because it isn't waxy, I have had to reapply if the weather is really dry. So it doesn't always live up to its claim of moisturizing for a full 24 hours. But overall, it feels wonderful and silky to apply and smells great. I like it the best out of all the Aveeno formulations.
Sometimes it can be hard to find, but I will keep buying it as long as they make it.

Review by didion0312: I love the smell of this lotion, and the fact that it does not irritate my skin at all, but it is not terribly moisturizing. It is a good hand lotion for me since I re apply after I wash my hands and don't want my lotion to be too sticky or greasy, but it doesn't moisturize my legs and arms terribly well, and I have dry dkin and live in a dry climate. Overall, though, it is a good hand lotion and smells great, so I will probably repurchase.

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A Zaftig Woman Blackberry Musk Shea Souffle

Review by bekkbekk1985: What can I say that hasn't already been said? :-) I can't stop smelling my arm when I wear this; when I don't wear it I love to take the lid of the jar and take a big whiff! It's great for year-round wear too--not too fruity for winter, not too musky for summer. Pretty darn close to perfection.

Review by Carrie: I am in love love love with this product! It's as lovely and luxurious as the Trish body cream, but it's 38 cheaper and doesn't have those damn sparkles in it (which ruin the Trish cream, IMHO). Unlike the Trish cream, it has a hint of lemon when first applied which quickly dissipates, leaving the closest scent to Trish #9 I've smelled, but slightly fresher. It's lovely, and the staying power is great. Oh, and it moisturizes like crazy, too. Outstanding. I've just ordered my second tub in a month. I just can't get enough of this cream and this scent!

Review by AutumnBliss: I love AZW so much....this scent is nice. Blackberry with zest of lemon plus musk. It's nice but not my fave scent. My fave scent so far is Strawberry lemonade and Vanilla Crunch. Shea souffle has cool feeling on skin and absorb well.

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