what is the best body lotion?3 best body lotion review

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By Fiora

what is the best body lotion?Let's see the 3 best body lotion review!


Bath and Body Works Tutti Dolci - Lemon Meringue lotion

Review by lizbert: This is nicely moisturizing and the scent lasts several hours. It's a very creamy lemon fragrance with a little piecrust to it.

Review by Caligirl42990: This is my favorite scent of the Tutti Dolci line. I love the smell of this lotion...a sweet lemony smell...like lemon cream puffs. It lasts, too. I can't get enough. Even my mom, who doesn't care for lemon stuff likes the smell of this! One lippie off for the price!

Review by kimby83: I love this souffle. The texture is wonderful. It's silky and whipped up feeling. It feels luxurious going on. Very smooth and soft and absorbs very quickly. It doesn't leave my skin greasy at all. I feel soft and moisturized. The scent is amazing. It smells like a lemon dessert. A true lemon scent with some sweetness mixed in. Wonderful stuff. I also love the packaging. The glass jar is very heavy, but pretty. I love to leave it on display in the bathroom.

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Victoria's Secret Island Escape Daily Moisture Body Lotion

Review by cyndiinphilly: A great layer-er with Lollia's Wish Sugared Pastille!!! Their lotion is way too expensive for everyday use and is in this silly metal tube...buy this instead and save your money. Feels good and smells good!

Review by bastet: I love Victoria's Secret Lotions and this one is one of my favorites!! This one goes on smooth, doesn't leave a residue, and it smells delicious! It's a beachy coconut and sugarcane scent, I like it because it smells like I spent a day on the beach! I love this smell! It makes you feel like you are on a faraway island relaxing on the beach. I got in in a great deal mix and match three of the products in this line for 21 plus a free tote bag! They always have great deals! And this stuff last for a while!

Review by quantumkitten: They had these on sale for 3/25 so I picked up 2 different sets. I loveeee this one the most. I love anything that smells like the beach/tropical or like coconuts!!! Yum! I don't think it's greasy like another reviewer said. A little of this goes a long way. It smells awesome with the sugar scrub too! I will buy this one over and over again!!!

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Victoria's Secret Endless Love Hand and Body Cream

Review by Angeline: Great scent (an apple-melon blend), the thickness is perfect for my body, actually (normal to dry skin), and when layered with the body splash... MMM YUMMY

Review by belle2216: This is a nice body cream. It's not too greasy and the scent is nice. Nothing too spectacular, but worth the money. I find this scent smells like Bedhead's After Party.

Review by beckibabe: Endless Love was the 2nd scent from Victoria's Secret that I tried and it's the one I have liked the most. The scent is Apple Blossom, Honeydew, and Ylang Ylang. Light sweet, soft fresh smell. My brother was the one who picked this out for me for my birthday a few years ago. He liked it because it wasn't overpowering which is also why I like it! This lotion is so silky and moisturizing!

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