what is the best body gel?3 best body gel reviews

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By Stella

what is the best body gel?Let's see the 3 best body gel reviews!


Olay Unscented/ Sensitive Skin Bar

Review by mielr: Agree with the review below. If you are going to use a bar soap, this is it. Unlike Dove, this is truly unscented. Dove says it's unscented, but fragrance is listed in the ingredients. Also, Olay Unscented does not contain Tallow, which clogs pores. Dove does. Oil of Olay Unscented/Sensitive Skin Bar is the better product IMHO.

Review by Leelee57: I usually prefer body washes to bar soaps, but this is an exception. It lathers really good, it doesn't strip the skin, and it doesn't have any cloying perfumes. Just a basic, cleansing bar. It doesn't aggravate my eczema, which is a plus.

Review by shelby1123: Curses on Olay for discontinuing the bar soap in the unscented/sensitive skin formula. I used this for years because I have both sensitive skin and fragrance sensitivities. I've made the switch to Dove bar soap, but I really miss my Olay.

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Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Polynesian Tiare Flower Shower Gel

Review by IiIy: I bought this for 3 canadian on sale.
The smell is like fake plastic flowers but once you lather it, it smells so good! You only need a small amount to go a long way.
I have dry skin that needs lotion after so this didn't dry me out. I could get away with no lotion in summer. The scent is very refreshing.
For 3 bucks I can't really complain. I'm a fan of these body washes so I'll def buy again.
The only thing I hate is the lid...if you have long nails it's a pain in the butt to open!

Review by Erin: I agree with staci01 it smells a little fake upon first application. But it does lather nice and with the warmth of the shower becomes a nice floral smell. It is not really Gardenia......hmmmmm dunno something else gardenia-esque. But really lathers well, and does not make my skin tight. The small lasts for a little while. I find if I use the Yves Rocher Mondi Gardenia oil after the shower overall it is a lovely gardenia type experiance. I also put a dab of Frontier Gardenia fragrance oil on my wrist bc it IS the real thing....true gardenia in a bottle. Ahhhhh....

Review by Stampy_76: I love this product, especially given the price. This is a tropical, sweet floral, not heady but still fairly bold. Sweeter than a lot of gardenia scents I've smelled. I wish they made a body spray in this scent. lathers tons and rinses clean. Not super moisturizing but it's summer right now so this is perfect. All in all I'm impressed for the price.

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CCB-Paris Corinne Cobson Shower Gel

Review by sophie_tan: I've only tried the dainty lemon but I've purchased but it several times and will contiue to do so. It is such a refreshing sweet lemony scent and a gentle soap-free formula. I do only purchase when CCB Paris is having one of its great deals which is often!

Review by tippygirl: I love these! I've only tried Lemon + Orange and I can't wait to try out every single scen that they have. Can't wait to get a new one!!!
*edited to add*
Too bad their customer service is horrible. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth putting up with their horrible service + fulfillment just to get their products :T

Review by rebec75: Great great stuff. When they have that sale, where its like 3.50 a tube, buy every scent. And the packaging is sooooo cute!

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