what is the best blush?3 easy to use blushs review

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By Monica

what is the best blush?Let's see the 3 easy to use blushs review!


Sonia Kashuk Illuminzer

Review by cweiss: I have this in blushify, got it sight unseen in a custom swap, and it turned out to be more shimmer than color. I was expecting a pink-peach glow with some shimmery; this gives me lots of shimmery with a hint of color. Not a bad thing -- but I save this for special occasions. One thing about this, at least it doesn't break me out. =] It goes on smoothly, and I just love the packaging: so cute!

Review by runty: This is my first experience with SK. I bought Bronzify on clearance, figuring it would give my shoulders/collerbone/legs a pretty bronze shimmer and look great for the summer. I tried it on my cheeks and voila! A gorgeous, natural tan. I would have to be careful when wearing this during the day - but for night, it adds the perfect amount of shimmery-bronze.

Review by Lola_Bear: This product is actually called "Illuminating Stick" (at least on my package). I have blushify and Glowify. Blushify is a mauvish-pink shimmer, and Glowify is a champagne-gold shimmer. The colour (particularly in Blushify) is very subtle and sheer, and isn't as long-lasting on the skin as one would hope. However, I do think the price of 8 US is very reasonable for the amount of product you get.

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Physicians Formula Baked Blush--Baked Berry

Review by mworley00: I would not have known about the baked PF collection if not for MUA. A walgreens sale finally prompted me to try this blush. I really like it:) Not too shimmery, pigment is medium and buildable. baked berry is a great glowing pink. This is my favorite shade out of the three. I recently purchased MAC's msf, and the effect is comparable!

Review by meeshmu: I love this blush. I used it for almost a solid week straight when I got it. I plan on using it quite often in the future. Baked Berry isn't your typical cool berry shade. It's a warm pink with lots of shimmer and little gold shimmery lines on its surface that look pretty stupid, but I digress. It applies sheerly and evenly, giving this PPP an ever-so-subtle glow that brightens my face without looking too blushy, too shimmery, or too made-up. I don't think I'll be able to live without this product. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite blushes. The packaging is crap, and it's a tiny little dome for the money, but the color really is beautiful!

Review by munchlaxy: This is for sure my HG blush! I LOVE it! I've had mine for over a year, the dome part is gone but There's still a ton left. I believe they discontinued it :( The packaging isn't all that great...the part that holds the blush with the mirror on the back broke off (the mirror wasn't useful at all anyway), and the compact itself doesn't close but I love it so much I deal with it anyway! It has the perfect pink (for my skin tone at least) and just the right amount of shimmer. The only problem with it now is that I can't find it anywhere!

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Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush

Review by AokiJ: I love my Tarte cheekstains. This one is really pretty, exactly like the name...a nice flush on my cheeks. The thing about these stains is that they don't just sit on your skin, they look so natural. I love the scents too!

Review by joheinous: One of my favourite blushes! i got this in a swap as its not available in canada... it stays put ALL day, no fading at all!! very natural and easy to blend and smells great... altho its quite expensive, 1 stick will last a long time.

Review by bebejacket: I love this product! It smells great and feels great on the skin. Since it is almost entirely water it gives a cool sensation. The color looks like somone has pinched your cheeks. It comes in the cutest looking case that looks like deoderant. However, tarte doesn't have packaging. The put a product in a plastic bag, theres no box. I honestly don't feel comfortable about that. I mean for 23.00 you would think some of that is for packaging.

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