what is the best beauty tools?3 recommended beauty tools

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what is the best beauty tools?Let's see the 3 recommended beauty tools !


Diamancel The Tough Buffer #11

Review by CancerianPrincess: This is a wonder tool for getting the dry rough skin off your feet. I agree with the previous reviewer who said to go easy though. I was a little bit vigorous and rubbed off some of my good skin! It's a great product though and worth every penny.

Review by lipstickcrazy: After only one use with this file (#11) I'm a convert! I'll never need my foot scrubs or pumice stones again, this thing is AMAZING. One caveat - make sure you use this file over a newspaper or sitting on the edge of the tub or else you'll end up with a pile of dust-like dead skin cells on your carpet (sick!) I got mine cheaper (but still not cheap) on eBay and am considering them as Christmas gifts for my sisters since they work so incredibly well. Take the plunge, you won't regret it!

Review by Caligirl42990: THIS. IS. BRILLIANT. I am a believer. I will never use another foot file again. Let me be clear. It's not that you can't get the same results from another foot file as you can from Diamancel -- you surely can, especially with regular maintenance. But you can't get them this FAST! Literally one minute on my dry feet was all it took with this file. At one minute with my old Origins file, I'd still be running water for a soak to soften my feet up enough that the file would even do ANYTHING. LOL. If you want baby soft feet in virtually no time, this is the file for you. If you don't mind elbow grease and a little time investment, then stick with the cheapies. For me, this is way worth it.

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Japonesque Power Curl Eyelash Curler

Review by funkybabe: this is pretty amazing. i have tried quite a few. i usually don't like metal ones because i feel like they are going to blind me or rip out my lashes. this one has an interesting control for curling - you're more in control, and can really sculpt and curl the way you want to.
EDIT: the 1 ELF mechanical eyelash curler is just as good, for an absolute fraction of the price.

Review by belle2216: I think this curler is ok but it may just be my eyeshape. I have very large eyes and my eyelashes and thick long and black and grow from the corner to corner of the eye. I cant seem to get all the eyelashes to curl together with this curler. if the outer corner curls the inner corner doesn't or the middle section doesn't. The padding has no issue with it so Im not sure why. It is better than what I have tried so far so but i think it could be better.

Review by gogoamy: I was previously using 3 different curlers (revlon, ELF and Sephora) that didn't provide a lasting curl to my lashes. This curler definately makes a difference when compared to the previous three, however, I don't feel that it is the best for my eye shape. Like previous reviewers, I can't get all of my lashes to curl at once. I have to position the curler just right to try to get all of them at one time, but my outer lashes always get that weird crimped look.
I'm going to stick it out and keep working with this one, but I'll probably try the Shu Uemura one next.

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Tweezerman Pointed Slant Tweezers

Review by Bethany09: I love this tweezer. i used to use revlon ones (which were pretty good for d/s) but was tempted when the pink breast cancer ribbon editions were out. It works great and plucks even the hard to get brow hairs.

Review by shelby1123: Tweezerman wow what a product I would not hesitate to buy this quality product. Tweezerman is a great time saving device as you do not have to spend time trying to grab the same hair over and over. And they will sharpen them for you for as long as you own them. Worth every penny

Review by rebec75: These are hands down the best tweezers I have ever owned. They will grab even the tiniest hairs. As another reviewer said, for some reason, the cheaper mini-tweezers also sold by Tweezerman don't work as well. Definitely worth the investment!

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