what is the best bath treatment?3 recommended bath treatment

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what is the best bath treatment?Let's see the 3 recommended bath treatment !


LUSH Absolute Delight bath bomb

Review by Lyssa2676: Beautiful bath bomb- this bomb is pink and has a light floral scent, with a definite rose note in it. It produces gorgeous pink water. Simple, feminine, and lovely.

Review by moth: I am so sad this has been discontinued. This no frills ballistic may not have contained any flowers, glitter or stars but the scent was beautiful! A powdery rose scent that was so feminine and pretty-not a 'grandma' scent by any means. The water turns a pale pink colour and the scent fills the whole bathroom. This is one LUSH product I will certainly miss and will vote for in the discontinueds.

Review by mriaow: Awesome! One of my favorite LUSH products! I was depressed to find out this had been discontinued but I was on the LUSH site today to place an order and lo and behold, ABSOLUTE DELIGHT IS BACK!!!! (well for a limited time anyway) so I bought 6. Whoo hoo! To all ya'll that love this, get 'em while ya can.

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Johnson & Johnson Oil Gel

Review by laurilauri: Sometimes I am lazy and dislike applying body lotions all over my body - so here is a trick - mix some oil gel with your favourite shower gel and you will have baby soft skin for the rest of the day. There is no need to apply any lotion. This is a trick when I am in a hurry and my skin needs attention. It has camomile in it too. Love it and cannot rave enough!!!!!!!!

Review by coolRED: I bought this because I thought it was neat, and might be easier to apply then the regular oil. The first time I used it, I was disgusted! Little oil beads formed on my arms and legs, and for days I had a filmy oil on my skin. It did not absorb at all! However, I'm not one to give up easy, and I used this again today. I learned the trick. A LITTLE GOES A LOOOONG WAY! You only need a teeny drop for each arm, leg, etc. After I learned this and applied it this way, this stuff sunk in real well (still a little longer than the oil), and made my skin super soft!!! Now that I know the trick, I will definitely repurchase this. It's much less messy than the original.

Review by hersheyb: The multi-vitamin version of this product is okay but I don't think I will purchase again. It did a great job of trapping the moisture from my shower into my skin but unfortunately it left my skin oily and sticky for hours. I love the light fresh scent but I can't get past the stickiness.

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Estee Lauder Youth Dew Bath Oil

Review by mashafromrussia: I'm in love. I haven't smelled the perfume, but this bath oil is so, so amazing. I'm not really a bath person, so I wear this dabbed on my wrists and neck as a fragrance (thanks for the idea, MUAers!). It's incredibly wonderful. I hadn't realized that I'd smelled it before until I put it on. I was instantly taken back to happy days of being at my grandma's house. I was so close to her, and she died when I was 14, but this brought me back. I had to ask my mom if grandma wore this, and she wasn't sure. When I saw her later that day, I made her smell my wrist, and sure enough, this was grandma's scent. God, I love this. It manages to be sexy, mature, strong, willful, and feminine all at once. It's perfection.

Review by marsqurine: I actually LOVE the smeel of the product. I usually only see women who are three times my age wearing this stuff, but I like the bath oil because all you need is two drops in a whole tub of water, and you'll be perfectly perfumed, without the overbearing scent that the actual perfume itself causes.

Review by cloud0204: I purchased this in my Mom's memory as she used to wear the Y.D. Body Cream. Indeed, I echo all the raves below. It is a lovely winter indulgence and could easily become my signature scent. Lovely little 1 oz bottle travels well and the oil doubles as a perfume. 32 here in Canada. EDIT: Hubby loves this on me. He says it smells like "Thrills" gum, ha! After my bath, while dripping wet, I pour a few drops into my palms and rub this all over before towel drying. Makes whatever room I happen to be in lovely and fragrant.

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