what is a good shampoo?3 good shampoo

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By Marcella

what is a good shampoo?Let's see the 3 good shampoo !


Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo

Review by mriaow: Although this shampoo is too harsh for me to use daily, I like it a lot as a clarifying shampoo. I use it about once a week. I can't say if it gets styling product build-up out well because I just use coconut and olive oil to style my hair, but it gives me a nice deep clean without irritating my scalp or making my hairline break out. My hair looks a little out of control on the day I use this shampoo, but it's worth it.

Review by sophie_tan: This is my favorite shampoo. I love that the ingredients are safe and that it is sulfate-free. I have highlighted hair and this doesn't strip color even though it claims to clarify. I don't think I'd recommend this to someone with very dry or frizzy hair though. This is perfect for me since I don't want my hair weighed down and lathers decently.

Review by ahappyplace: This is my new favorite shampoo. The scent is light and fresh. I've used the grape and apple shampoos from this line and like them too but this one cleans the best and doesn't strip my hair. My hair feels cleaner and looks shiny after using this product. The other shampoos in this line are gentler so I rotate between them so that my hair stays balanced. My scalp is oily but can get drier during the colder months so using these products together really makes a difference in the condition of my hair and scalp.

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Clairol Herbal Essences 'No Flakin' Way' Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Review by CancerianPrincess: I grabbed the last bottle off a Shopko shelf on impulse. It works great, I don't even know if it did anything for my dandruff. But I loved it! The bad news is, now that i've finished the bottle, I can't find the product on the shelves anywhere anymore. I guess Clairol has discontinued it.

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Nioxin Scalp Recovery Medicating Cleanser

Review by zhenya: I bought this based on MUA reviews but mostly based on a hairboard search for itchy scalp treatments.
My scalp itch I think is mostly due to my habit of picking of the scalp flakes.
Taking off 1 lipstick for the price, 3x more expensive than drugstore treatment shampoo, but I've tried TSal (Salicylic acid too drying), and Tea Tree shampoo. They're good for the scalp but strips moisture from my hair.
What is different about Nioxin scalp recovery is that its gentle enough and I can use it almost daily without leaving my hair feeling like a scrubbing brush afterwards.
I havent seen significant improvement yet on the scalp, but I guess if I use it every day, it means I can wash away the flakies and reduce it that way, without drying out my hair.
Your mile may vary, but I think its worth a try.

Review by ciarar: Shampoo is soothing and smells good. A little too moisturizing for my fine, thinning hair. Was having trouble with dry scalp, forehead and eyebrows. Went to dermo and also bought this to use in addition to face Rx dermo gave me. I will keep to use on occasion and to have on hand for the winter months. Said yes, I would buy again, but really it's a maybe, the price is more than I like to spend for shampoo. (19)

Review by ZoSo: My scalp had been itching terribly since we turned the heater on. I tried Nizoral and massaging jojoba into my scalp before washing, neither of which helped. I decided to try this after JCuevas04 rec'd it and I'm so glad I did. This shampoo is wonderful, lathers very nicely and smells nice but my hair didn't feel like straw after rinsing. Agree with all she said in her review and this will be a winter staple for me for sure. A little considering it's a dandruff shampoo but it made my itchies go away immediately, so it's worth it.

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