what is a good pressed powder?3 recommended pressed powder

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By Christina

what is a good pressed powder?Let's see the 3 recommended pressed powder !


Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Pressed Powder in Translucent

Review by jules2064: This stuff is great!
Instead of using the small brush though, I buy powder pads and keep one inside the compact for when I'm using it on the go. At home I use a large brush to apply the powder.
(I added a picture of me with it...lol)
* Hypoallergenic.
* fragrance-free.
* Talc-free.
* Non-comedogenic.
* Dermatologist approved.

Review by Leelee57: I find this product to be a little too yellow on my skin and chalky looking. It works well a setting powder over foundation (though it's still the wrong color), but used alone it settles into my pores and makes me look sallow while she next shade up looks orange on me. Plus the mirror falls out and the brush is terrible. It's not their best product.

Review by Graceteix: As i have mentioned in other reviews i love physicians formula mineral products! They are really the only makeup products i have used that dont aggravate my acne-prone skin. The only gripe i have about this pressed powder is the packaging - the brush it comes with is hopeless! I buy powder puff applicators instead and they still fit nicely in the compartment. Also when the powder starts getting low it always seems to crack and break into little pieces! and then you get a lot of wastage, so what i do when it the metal starts showing is placing the powder puff in the top section on top of the powder (defeats the purpose of the antibacterial bottom section though - but i get it to last longer this way).
Will buy again :)

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Estee Lauder Enlighten Skin-Enhancing Powder

Review by fitnessa: i think i bought this in too light a color, because it didn't get me very far. it all but disappeared on my skin. no mattifying, no enhancing, no nothing. and i really don't like EL's packaging. it's kind of old lady to me.

Review by pink_cosmos: This is a pressed powder that comes with a brush to give a loose powder look. It looks invisible on and makes the skin feel very soft and smooth. This is what is unique about it. I have slightly oily skin that needs oil-control and this didn't control the oil well enough. This is the reason it didn't work out for me, but I would strongly recommend this for many skintypes, except the very dry and skins that requires lots of oil-control. I wore the shade 'Light' which worked pretty well on my MAC NC20/Stila B skintone...although, it sometimes looked a tad orangey. Not the best match.

Review by bklyncowgirl: I really enjoyed this powder. It was easy to apply, had good staying-power, and did not rub off easily but was very easily removed at nights. Sweating was the only issue but that's to be expected.
My only problem was that the SA gave me a darker shade than I needed. I would love to pruchase the product again should I find it in a lighter shade, but unfortunately I gave the powder away before writing down what shade it was haha.

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Neutrogena Healthy Skin pressed powder

Review by tetrakis: This is before I discovered BE, but it is a good drugstore powder that is not too talc-y and does not make me break out.

Review by taskeeng: This product certainly deserves more than three lippies for simply lacking color choices. I didn't like the Neutrogena healthy defense powder either, but like the first poster, I tried this product based on the ingredient. Healthy Skin PP has been my daily powder for more than a year now, although I've tried several other powder brands out of curiosity on the way (it'll never stop...). The powder provides a very sheer natural looking coverage. It is very finely milled, never looks cakey, and the compact lasts quite a while. I have a pretty fair asian skin, but the medium color works very well for me with this product (even with the recent tan). I have a very oily skin and I easily break out, but this powder controls shine well and it has not caused any skin issue. It is definitely one of the products to give a try, and it may end up being your favorite!

Review by aml1: Lightest color is too dark. The color depiction on the box looks great, then you open it up and it's too orange. I'm very desperately seeking non-comedogenic make up, so I gave it a shot anyway. It does go on lighter than it appears, but is still too dark. Texture feels fine and did well w/ oil control, but left skin looking fake and dirty. No good for a PPP.

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