what is a good powder?3 best powder

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By Marcella

what is a good powder?Let's see the 3 best powder !


Guerlain Les Voilettes Powder Loose & Pressed

Review by navarre: I wouldn't buy this product again because:
1) I don't think I'd ever finish using this
2) It's quite expensive
On the other hand, I love this! It gives you a great overall complexion and the packaging is so cute. Perfect for touchups.

Review by SisleyAus: This is the BEST powder I have ever used!
It took me a lot of time to find good powder for my fair and very sensitive skin. I tried many (Dior, YSL, Chanel and Estee Lauder). Most of them are very heavy for my skin. Guerlain les Voilettes is very light, looks very natural on my skin. It also calms skin so if I have irritations this powder removes them.

Review by labelslut: The most gorgeous powder ever! I have this in both the loose and pressed versions, and the color I use is Transparente No. 1. The pros: the violet scent, though strong, is very comforting, and I hope my niece (who is only 6 mos old now) remembers me forever for this powder scent--that's what kind of scent this is! The powder itself is very smooth, resulting in perfect skin! Both loose and pressed powders come in very beautiful gold containers- the loose is in a golden, rounded tub with a sifter net, which is great for using a brush with, and a plastic insert so the giant puff never has to sit in the powder! Very handy. The pressed is in a lovely golden compact with a generous mirror, complete with Guerlain branded puff. The con: it's expensive! Both powders were approx. 50 each. It's well worth it though because it's so lovely!

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Mary Kay Loose Powder

Review by JettNY: loose powder is excellent for oily skin and I think that this is a wonderfully inexpensive loose powder. I have tried MAC and Neutrogena and this is by far better than they are. I have fair skin so I use the Ivory 2. I have had this for approx 1 yr now and it's still 1/2 full!!! I love that loose powder is better for my acne-prone, oily skin but I also love that loose powders last sooo much longer than pressed ones. I intend to continue to use this product. It's awesome!

Review by Springncts: Nice texture, but the color (Ivory) was too dark for my fair skin. Not a bad color, but certainly not light enough for me or for any other really fair skinned person.

Review by kimberpoo: First, I was practically forced to purchase a powder from a Mary Kay consultant, after I tried to insist that I don't and won't use it. But, of course, after being told that I will definitly need to use it to control shine, I have not use this product not more that 3x's since I purchased it 8 months ago. This powder didn't even do anything when I did use it. Since I have oily skin, I was hoping that this Mary Kay consultants "expertise" would have informed me correctly that this product would help control my shine. Maybe it would if I applied every half hour throughout the day. This product maybe worth it for others, but at the price I paid, it was not worth it for me. I would never buy this product or any Mary Kay products again.

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Avon Powder Mill

Review by sjcsmall: The product went on fine but it made my skin itch within 5 minutes. I kept on for about 1 hour but had to wash it off because my face was feeling irritated

Review by jamelia: A great product, really soaks up oil and feels light. Lasts quite a while too. When Avon has it on sale I stock up so I never pay more than 8.00

Review by bossanovaville: Talk about a great product for its price and does what it says! You don't end up wasting much product since you turn the powder mill to create as much/little of product you need. Definitely seems to make my pores look smaller and gives me a very smooth looking complexion. The powder doesn't settle into fine lines and it blends very
easily with skin. I hope they never discontinue this product!

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