what is a good palette?3 top palette reviews

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By Sara

what is a good palette?Let's see the 3 top palette reviews!


Elizabeth Arden Caribbean Color Kit

Review by stephanie32082: I LOVE the palette that this kit comes in. It looks extremely sleek in my bag and it's very small. I love the brow filler and the Teal eyeshadow, but the other two shades(Vanilla and Coral) do not seem to show up on me much at all. I don't use the lippie at all because I prefer wand glosses/lacquers. My mom got this for me at a sale so I did get value for money.

Review by DawnD: I love these colors! The eyeshadows stayed put all day and the lip color is beautiful. The eyeliner/brow filler is a nice color that looks great as an eyeliner. I haven't used it as an eyebrow filler yet though. I definately recommend this! The other Spring 2003 palatte Mediterranean has some beautiful colors. I'm going to have to pick that one up too. :)

Review by andij: I actually bought this for my mum and she loved it so much she convinced me to try it too! I must say I'm very impressed with this palette. The colors are very wearable, texture and pigmentation rivals those of other high-end brands that are the bane of my bank account. I don't know why I never looked into this brand before, I definitely will be doing more browsing in the future.

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Ulta Get Gorgeous Blockbuster 69 pc value kit

Review by joheinous: WOW. Got this as a Christmas gift and first of all the packaging is SO pretty. I got the sparkly pink traincase and it's perfect for taking with you anywhere. The eyeshadows are so diverse and wearable. There aren't really any bold colors, but I like that. I can create so many different looks using just one kit. The bronzer and blushes are AMAZING. They give me just the perfect hint of color. The only thing I don't really like are most of the lip colors. They're just too dark for me and my skin tone. I like peachy and pink colors. But other than that, an amazing deal!

Review by nishie: WOW! I am so impressed with this kit! I received this as a Christmas gift from my sister. I never tried Ulta cosmetics but now I can finally say I am a true believer! The colors are GORGEOUS - both the warm and cool shades. There weren't any colors I would hesitate to wear! That's very rare for me. When I get a kit I only end up liking 4 or 5 colors out of the whole kit. These colors though are all so gorgeous and wearable. The concealer is also amazing! The coverage is excellent and after sweeping the translucent powder over to set it, my face looks FLAWLESS. I am so surprised that it is so cheap too. A 69-Piece kit for under 20?! And for all this color payoff is fantastic! I'm even considering purchasing a backup when I'm done with this =D Love love love this.

Review by quantumkitten: I paid 19 for this kit. Some items are great, some are okay, and of course some are not so great. Overall, for 19 I got tons of makeup in a convenient case so I'm happy with this purchase.
blushes - a bit light
eyeshadows - love them
lip glosses - good
packaging - okay
colors offered - wonderful
eyeliners - very good

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Laura Mercier Bronzing Book - Gilded

Review by clnfox: Just like the first reviewer, I use my BB mini set with this palette. I am PPP. I like the paleness of the bronzers and the lack of glitter (a little shimmer with one of them). I like the eye shadows ( topaz-a staple for me) and a new shade "Dew" which is a pearly color. I like the two lip glosses. The three highlighter creams are nice also. Plan to take this on a cruise as my only colors. Cute little magnetic book.

Review by isabellet: I love this palette. All the colors go on naturally to give an effortless summer look. The only problem is that I do not have a small brush set so I have to use my long stem brushes with them, not exactly travel friendly. I need to go invest in the BB minibrush set that many recommended. But besides the bronzers, I can apply everything with my fingertips so as long as I'm set in the morning, I can still throw the book into my purse and use it throughout the day if needed for touchups. Definitely recommend this.

Review by biomechmonster: I really love this product. It's great year round in FL, since it's a sunny look. I've used the highlighters as lippy, and they work as long as you use a gloss over them. I really like the fact that I can toss this, a small mascara and a concealer stick in my briefcase and I'm set.

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