what is a good palette?3 recommended palettes

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what is a good palette?Let's see the 3 recommended palettes !


Stila 8-pan compact

Review by blueaygi: This is a very expensive compact, but it is very nice. It has a large mirror. The eye shadow pans are held in place by magnets, so don't drop this on the floor! You get a double-ended brush with a flat brush on one side and regular eye shadow brush on the other. The flat side is great for applying the shadows as an eyeliner. I like to wet the flat brush to apply the shadow as an eyeliner.

Review by srobinb: I'm so glad that I upgraded to this 8-pan palette from the 4-pan. The 4-pan palette was giving me a headache since it was so hard to remove shadows without damaging either the palette or the e/s. Although this is pretty expensive, you get a full-sized #16 brush with the palette. I also like the fact that the palette has holes on the bottom to make removal of the pans easier. I just got this, but it looks like I'll be filling it up pretty soon, so I'll be needing another one soon =)

Review by Graceteix: I like this palette but like everyone else said it is sooo expensive. I got mine on ebay but still overly priced for basically a container to put e/s in. But on the other hand I love how my Stila e/s all fit nicely in it. It has a huge mirror and the brush is a nice plus also. Overall I like it a lot but I think the next time I might try a smaller one, this one is very big and I don't have a lot of counter space. Pretty good case though!

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Hard Candy Party Mix Tape Makeup Palette

Review by biomechmonster: I got this when Hard Candy had its 75% off sale, so I got it for only three bucks! I think the shadows show up nicely-- I usually don't put on bright colors, but this one was subtle enough not to make me look like a hooker, but bright enough for people to notice. My friend complimented me when I wore this, so I think it's a pretty good product. I love the design. It's too cute not to like!

Review by Keva: Very handy pallete. Sheer chocolate favored lipglosses are irresistable, and the green eyeshadows (dark, medium and yellowy) work for basically anyone. wish the eyeshadows were a bit more sparkly than matte, but it's fine. came with nice mirror and two ended applicator, one side for eyes another side for lips, convenient and practical!
very nice for touch ups at the bar, club. Can fit in your pocket!

Review by blyss: i received this as part of a birthday present and it is super cute. the packaging looks like a little casette tape and fits in the palm of my hand. it comes with three eyeshadows (bright green, soft lime green, muted yellow), three lipglosses (pink, coral and clear, although all three are relatively sheer), a double-ended applicator and a large mirror. this is a fun palette with decent staying power.

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Flirt flirt holiday collection

Review by cyndiinphilly: Very cute set. AND I got it on 50% off sale last night at Kohls. Look for the sale gals! I got the bigger of the 2 holiday sets for 13

Review by leeyao: This is a wonderful set to get anyone for Christmas or if you jsut want to try out Flirt! since it comes with full sized versions of the following:
Plushious Liquid Velvet LipColor in Midnight Lace (Wine)
High Wattage Lip Color in Covet (Metallic Pink)
Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipgloss in Zippy Ginger (Pink with Brown undertones)
Peek-A-blush Sheer powder Cheek Color in Crazy in Love (Candy Pink)
Dreamy Eyes eyeshadow in Candy Hearts (Shimmery Pink), Feeling Hot (Shimmery Peach), and Coconutty (Dark Brown)
Everywhere Brush Kit
The compacts are small and sleek so you can easily hide it in your purse or bag. This is a wonderful set and I hope that they have more coming out after Christmas.

Review by nishie: I got this onsale, but even so, it was a great deal for so many products. It was a great way to try out so many products which are all very high quality. I think I paid 15ish for the set....that costs less than the 2 lipglosses alone. All the colors in the set are pretty wearable(except midnight lace...for me at least). I wish they had a set like this this year for the holidays.

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