what is a good palette?3 recommended palette

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By Stella

what is a good palette?Let's see the 3 recommended palette !


Stila Stila 2002 Look Book in Warm

Review by Jessimau: I'm about as oppisite as you can get from warm toned, but I picked this up anyway since I'm a sucker :) Anyway, the shades are gorgeous- tan, gold and shimmery. However, my PPP face can't pull them off as a "look" (just hightlighting here and there) so I used it on my warm toned mom. WOW. The colors were stunning- lit her face right up. If you have the coloring, this is a wonderful buy.

Review by mz654: I bought this palette during the holiday season, and now that I've had it for awhile, I realize that I've hardly used it. I'm a PPP w/ red hair, and the colors just didn't work for me (I feel like it really brings out the unfavorable undertones of my skin or something). I do, however, love the darker es for a smoky eye look, and the palest es is of course very usable.

Review by guitarzan: I could normally wear both cool and warm colors and that is teh case with the eye colors in this palette--they are gorgeous and work well on me. THe cheek colors however could have been on a more neutral spectrum as they turned orange on my PPP skin and made me look like a clown.

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Cat Cosmetics 3-Pan Palette

Review by Viognier: I have three of these sleek little black 3-well compacts. They're of great quality, durability, and looks sharp. Fill with Cat's refill pans, or: Ecco Bella's shadow refills (half-pans); Beauty Buffet's refills; depotted Prestige shadows. I think 3 Custom Color Specialists pans will also fit (have not tried them yet). Stila pans are just 1 mm smaller, so it might rattle around a bit.

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Chantecaille Syvlie Personal Palette (2009)

Review by Sybil84: This limited edition palette is hands down my favorite palette from Chantecaille. The colors are fabulous. The blush is a cool pink that lloks great on my skin. The wheat colored shadow is a great base and the golden taupe and the deeper brown shade compliment my green eyes. I just love this palette! It is great for travel, as you have everything you need. These shadows are even great wet. The compact has a large mirror and thankfully they skipped brushes for this one, as they are normally cheap and drive up the price. I am sad that this is a limited edition, because I would buy this again!!

Review by lbarnold: Love this palette, actually the first product that I purchased from Chantecaille. Beautiful colours and staying power really great without any primer. Packaging is one of the best I have ever seen for a palette.

Review by kat_25: I own almost every Chantecaille eye palette and eye shadow. The Sylvie Personal Palette has such wearable colors that I reach for it all the time. I really love the Chantecaille line but it is so expensive.

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