what is a good palette?3 popular palette

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what is a good palette?Let's see the 3 popular palette !


Stila Holiday 2003 Confections for Eyes and Cheeks - Blue/cool set

Review by GreeneyedGal: I totally agree with chopsticktoo. These are Stila's best blues ever, I think the cheek color may be Bloom. Gorgeous!

Review by island_honey: I have to admit, I was deliberating about this palette from Dec 2003 and I finally gave in, especially when it was the last set in the Mecca store (in Australia) had. One of the major reasons why I splurged on this was that I could not find Bloom or Snowbloom blush at Mecca and I was told that the blush in the Blue COnfections is the one most similar to it. The eyeshadows are definitely really pretty and has a silky texture - however, I would say it goes on more sheerly than I would have wanted it to be. Colors are more lavender-ish toned blue and less of the 80s blue version. Gorgeous packaging and would gladly repurchase.

Review by kjjamm808: i bought this mainly because of the cute packaging. it's adorable! but inside is also great. 3 e/s colors of blue that work really great together. i normally don't look all that great in blue..but these work for me. and it also comes w/ a blush and the color is gorgeous. A+!!

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Stila Breast Cancer Awareness Pocket Palette

Review by beckibabe: A really nice variety of pinks. And the purchase price goes to a good cause. The brush is really cheesy, though, and I'd recommend using a decent brush, rather than the one provided.

Review by Susie31: This one is the palette with 2 eyeshadows and one blush.Can fit into pocket ,or wristlet only 3 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide.eyeshadows are heather and diamond lil a shimmery taupe and shimmery pink lilac and Bloom a georgeous bright pink color ,that will brighten up anyones face,it is a bit chalky ,but can be blended easily.I put that I wouldn't repurchase ,because I dont see myself using this palette up any time soon,but would buy other colors in this palette.

Review by aml1: SOOOO cute!! The colors are fabulous!! And CUTE packaging!! LOVE!

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Too Faced Fun In The Dark

Review by oneofmylies99: I got this palette on clearance at Sephora. The lights are silly and totally not useful. But the shadows are great! They're soft and quite pigmented. I haven't really figured out how to use Lucky Charms yet, but Pin-Up, Peep Show, and Full Frontal make a nice daytime eye. Papa Don't Peach is a very flattering blush. Free Love was too opaque and gave me dead looking lips. Overall, it's totally worth what I paid for it.

Review by biomechmonster: Got this on sale at Sephora. 16.25! I think it retailed for 32-38. The colors online look really harsh, but the colors are fairly neutral in person. The lights in the palette are kinda unnessesary, for me personally. they are piercing to the eyes and not really practical to use. the colors are really nice though and I plan to use this a lot.

Review by Ellz: The light also did not work for me. Contains 4 eyeshadows, 2 lip products, a dual bronzer in Sunbunny and A peach blush called Papa Don't Peach. Overall, a fun little kit to try new colors. Unless I use eyeshadow primer, Too faced eyeshadows do not last half a day on me before they disappear! I fell in love with the Free Love lipstick which is the perfect nude pink and very moisturizing. The tropical pink lip product looked very pink and applied very sheer with lots of shimmer. Papa don't peach is a salmon-peach blush that did not suit my pinkl, cool-toned skin. The sun bunny was too orangey for me. I like Clinique bronzers better.

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