what is a good palette?3 effective palettes

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By Monica

what is a good palette?Let's see the 3 effective palettes !


Bloom Multi Purpose Cosmetic Palette - Girlie

Review by pink_cosmos: A great find! The e/s, gloss, lipstick and blush all go well together so if they suit you this is truly one palette for a full face. Sweet, fresh and -duh- girlie. The brush is kinda flimsy and the staying power isn't overwhelming, but for the price I'd consider this palette an absolute must-have. I have green eyes and in Studio Fix I would wear NW25 and especially the eye shadows and lipstick in this palette look very fresh on my complexion.

Review by oneofmylies99: I got this on special AU27.95 (US18.00) usually AU39.95 (US26.00). Love all the colours because they all match so well. Love the packaging, applicator and the fact that it has a mirror! The thing that i love is that it isn't 'overboard' girly. Don't be afraid to mix the pinks. The only downside is that i couldn't seem to locate a blush, maybe that's just me!

Review by funkybabe: Love this palette!! It's got everything you need in such a compact case you can take everywhere!
Girlie is a really pretty and sweet look. The colours are mostly pinks and I think this would look would look really fantastic on gals who are quite fair although it suits a medium colouring like mine.
Eskimo is a pearly white e/s that can be applied all over as a wash. I apply Peony e/s (shimmery pink) very lightly on the lid till crease. The Cutie Pie lipstick looks great with the Cosmopolitan lip gloss applied over it. And the Rosie Sheer Colour Cream gives a really sweet flush to the cheeks. Although Rosie is a little pinker than what I would usually wear, it still looks natural when applied lightly on the cheeks.
Overall a great buy! Love it!

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Stila 12-pan matchbook

Review by Jennybear: Ohmygosh I LOVE this thing! I thought it was fairly sturdy, despite many saying the matchbooks aren't as good packaging quality. It has a solid base, and so won't bend. The eyeshadows are really useable and blend easily. I love the light and dark shadows that give a huge variety of looks. The cheek colors are really nice too - except there are 4. I think 2 would be more appropriate (and add 2 more e/s!) because you really need only 1-2 colors on the cheeks.
But otherwise, this palette is awesome. I love it :)

Review by kitkat85: This was the best deal out of the 6 pan and 8 pan. The 12 pan retailed for 65. You get 12 full size products. You get 8 shadows in ecru (matte bone), orchid (lilac), mauve (shimmery light lilac), desert ( matte soft warm brown), ebony(matte dark grey), amethyst(matte dark purple), lilac (warm rose), nude (matte beige) and 4 blushes in clay, azalea, hibiscus and persimmon. Great value for the money. Comes in a cardboard matchbook type compact.

Review by abrilio: A good palette for the value. It is way cheaper than buying all those colors individually. I do like most of the colors in the palette but I find some of the colors are not quite as packed in as other stila e/s. They seem to rib off right away when I swipe with a brush gently. Also the colors are mostly in the neutral zone. Lots of pinks and purples or just plain neutral. Nothing too bright. So if you are looking for value and everyday makeup, this is a good buy.

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Bare Escentuals 100 Pure Moxie

Review by Springncts: I ordered this from Sephora and love love love it! All of the colors really compliment each other well. I was skeptical of the magnetize shimmer (a light green), but it actually wears really well. And the naughty, naughty blush is the color I have been looking for for ages. Very sheer, but with enough color to make me look slightly flushed. It looks very shimmery, but is sublte enough for someone who ha oily skin to pull off. The brushes are divine. I'm not sure yet what the radiance is supposed to do. I can't really tell a difference when I'm wearing it. And I love the tinted mineral veil. Another hit from BE as far as I'm concerned!

Review by ciarar: I loooove this kit! The colors are so pretty and the brushes are great. The 2 eyeshadows look great with my dark green/hazel eyes. The brushes are awesome too. I really love the eye buki brush.

Review by Lyssa2676: LOVE IT! Omg, I got this for like 12 on clearance at Target and I absolutely love it. The brushes are fabulous, and the tropical radiance is beautiful, sheer and peachy with a slightly golden sheen (but not obnoxious shimmer so don't be scared). The tinted mineral veil has to be blended with a paler base to work for my skin in the winter, but that's no issue for me because I custom blend my own shade anyway. I love the Bare Beach lip guard, it's a really nice smooth consistency and a perfect YLBB color. I don't love the blush (too dark), but I think it might work better in the summer so I will hold off on that. Both of the eye colors are beautiful, but the Kudos has become my daytime staple, a creamy golden beige color on my lids. It makes my blue eyes pop and sparkle... Thank you Bare Escentuals!

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