what is a good palette?3 best-selling palette

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By Fiora

what is a good palette?Let's see the 3 best-selling palette !


Christian Dior Diorissime 002

Review by Caligirl42990: adorable palate with very wearable colors. 55 is steep but worth it- i love everything about this palate!

Review by KateN: Such a pretty delightful little palette! Pretty colours. I love the dusky pink lipgloss of Daylight Madonna. I love the packaging, truly beautiful.

Review by bklyncowgirl: I just bought this lovely pack today and my eyes are still shining... I love all of the wearable colours inside (I was waiting for a 5 couleurs version of these deep rich browns, but this palette came out instead and I had to buy it...). The lip glosses are lovely, too.
The packaging is incredibly cute-looking, but I'm afraid it's going to get ruined soon, it's too delicate...

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LORAC Multi-Platinum

Review by mz654: Really nice quality eyeshadows and blush. My favorite is Heavy Metal (the third on the top row)
If only I could find it on its own...
I really love this palette, I wish it would last forever but it goes down too fast...

Review by sleepyone: This is my first Lorac purchase ever and I love it for the holidays. It's perfect anytime of the year. The shadows are smooth and work. They actually glide across my lid like butter. I did not go to Sephora to buy it, saw it and tested every single thing in it before buying. I'm very happy with the colors and the blush. They all blend like a dream. The pigment and texture are outstanding. I will be looking into the brand more. Lorac is now my favorite make-up brand. When I want luxury I don't go for Chanel or Dior, it's right to Lorac. She makes products that work! They always feel good on and wear like nothing else. I'm an MUA, and I wish I had tested the brand long before I did!

Review by beckibabe: This palette is beautiful. The colors are very creamy and smooth and blend very easily. They are also all very complimentary of each other and there is not one shade in there that I dislike. The blush is also a beautiful shade that I thought would be too light for me but it gave my cheeks a nice flush. They are more satin finish imho and are not overly frosty.

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Fresh Mission Fig eyeshadow trio

Review by julie9536: Contains: OSMANTHUS (beige-pink shimmer), SHIPBOARD ROMANCE (heather grey shimmer), MISSION FIG (burgundy)---in the pan, the colors look beautiful. For me, I only really like the darkest shade. The lighter ones look ashy and are very aging on my eyelids. I look like I only had a few hours rest. I found the colors to "pop" more if I applied the shadows wet. The textures are more grainy than silky when dry, and they go on sheer. I still don't like the lighter shades enough to force myself to use them. I'll most likely end up purchasing the "Mission Fig" eyeshadow individually -- it makes a great eyeliner.

Review by AokiJ: Wow! I love this palette for my light, warm toned skin. Really brings out my hazel eyes too! I always buy palettes that seem to have one or two stunning colors and one that I never use but all three colors in this are beautiful. Nice shimmer and highly pigmented so I only use a little bit. Plus for once the little brush that is included isn't completely useless like so many palette brushes are. For being such a little compact (soooo pretty BTW) the shadow sizes are decently large. Will take me a long time to go through this and I think I'll be using it all the time. Would absolutely repurchase this when I run out!

Review by suze9_8: The colors are not particuarly unique (which is why I took off one lippie) - warm peach/champagne, brown taupe, and a deep cranberry. I really like this trio, it suits my warm coloring (NC20, brown eyes) better than any of the other Fresh trio palettes. The shadows have good pigmentation and are very soft. I found they blended easily. Fresh can be hit or miss with their shadow quality, but I found these to all be good quality. They are small though. But the packaging is really cute.

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