what is a good nail polish?3 top nail polishs

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By Marcella

what is a good nail polish?Let's see the 3 top nail polishs !


Revlon Super Top Speed CHROME in Copper Chrome

Review by Jennybear: Uber-metallic copper, like a brand-new penny. The flash is almost blinding. Dries super fast, but lasts about half the time as regular polish. I got this at Big Lots for 1. I'm not sure if it's discontinued.

Review by Olive143: This is a really interesting color. This is like a halogram- it changes color as light hits it at different angles. It looks almost bronze. Something different and unexpected:)

Review by pink_cosmos: I love chrome and the copper color looks great! Stays on ok and drys pretty fast! I really wanna try out their other chromes. Bought it for 5 at ULTA.

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OPI A True Ab-original

Review by scrapdoll: There is something very Magda from the movie "There's Something About Mary" about this polish. That sounds odd, I know, but one look of this polish on my nails and the first thing I could think of was the tanorexic Magda! Perhaps it was because this glowing warm coral made my hands and feet look so much more tanned than they naturally are (I'm an NC30-35). Aside from that nutty observation, this is a fun, far-from-subtle polish that was a pleasure to paint on (thanks ProWide brush!) and wear. A True Ab-Original is part of OPI's Australia Collection.

Review by bastet: I have several bright orangy/coral colors, but this one stands above the others as a truly gorgeous color. I absolutely love this one! It even trumps my old fav of Cajun Shrimp.

Review by cweiss: Yaaaaaay! I'm revisiting my old friend, A True Ab-original today! We've had 2 consecutive days of 80 degrees, so I'm ready for spring (even if nobody else is). I LOVE this polish and rank it among my faves. Like a reviewer below, I have a hard time defining this as either warm or cool so, um, neutral anyone? I'm pale at the moment (NC15-20), but the highly pinky coral color of this makes me look considerably less dead -- it brightens up my toes (I only wear this on toes) and make my winter-white feet (ick) presentable for early flip flop wearage. Love, love love this and will never be without it!

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OPI Give Me Moor

Review by lorrainer07: This is the first OPI polish I have ever bought, mainly because it's so expensive here in Japan. It is a little streaky like some people mentioned but nothing a few additional coats can't take care of. The finished result is glossy and beautiful in a sophisticated way.

Review by beckibabe: I got this polish two days ago and it is already my favorite nail polish. I have very pale skin and the dark color pops against my skin. I love dark colors but I don't like black so the fact that this is a dark purple is perfect. The application is also really good. The first coat is very sheer but it builds up quickly to a very opaque finish. I would recommend this polish to anyone and everyone looking for a good dark, winter color that isn't black. I just can't say enough good things about this nail polish.

Review by marsqurine: Give Me Moor is quite vampy looking for me. It's seems like one of those OPI vampy color that has to be out every year. It belongs to the Espana Collection in winter 2009. I like it as it's quite vampy. I love vampy color but I only wear it in winter. For some reason, it just look a little bit awkward to wear it in summer. The color itself is too warm. A good even coverage will need 3 coats. But it takes longer to dry and I don't have that patient. I will wear it again but I don't know which one to choose next as there are too many pretty OPI to choose from.

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