what is a good nail polish?3 top nail polishs reviews

By Helen

what is a good nail polish?Let's see the 3 top nail polishs reviews!


OPI sapphire in the snow

Review by dxgirly: Love this colour! Use it for both manis and pedis - all year round. It wears rather well, though not as durable as Sally Hansen's Inst-Dry. Love the brush, easy to paint with. Always complimented on this colour!

Review by quantumkitten: One of OPI's best in terms of quality and consistency. The color is rich but my problem is that in some lights it can look blue and in others purple. I need the polish to decide what it wants to be.

Review by KateN: I have been trying to get my hands on this polish for months and finally found it on Ebay for a reasonable price. It's a lot darker than I thought it would be, but still beautiful and quite unique. The coverage is superb, two coats is definitely plenty. I really like the brush on this one, too. Great formula, as with every OPI I own. I love this color and would have bought more if it wasn't the last one in stock. It's in my top 10 polishes, easy.

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Revlon ColorStay Always On Nail Enamel - Invicible Bronze

Review by jamelia: I'm a serial pedicurist from way back. Regular polish, even high-quality polish like OPI, makes my toenails peel. To cover up the peeling, I'd polish again, causing more peeling, resulting in more polishing, etc. You get the picture.
I know this stuff is all about longevity, but the reason I love it is because it does NOT make my nails peel. The first time I removed this polish, my nails were actually in BETTER shape than before. I was (pleasantly) shocked!
It really does wear well--in particular, the high shine lasts a lot longer than regular polishes. But the no-peel factor really made the difference for me. I will not be going back to my other brands of polish.
My only complaint about this product is that there are too few warm-toned shades in the line. Ah, well. :)

Review by pulidobl: i've had this stuff since it was featured in allure's new beauty breakthroughs years ago, but i never reviewed it...i love this stuff i also have one in red. it doesnt smell nasty or dry out my nails or peel them cuz it doesnt have some of those nasty chemicals like dibutyl phthalates...the longest this polish has lasted is 12 days then either it starts to ship slightly at the tip of my nail, or my nail has started to grow out. i would repurchase forever the only complaint is that they dont have very many warm toned colors.

Review by shopgirl087: Love all the ColorStay Always On products, but I really love this one! So metallic. Again, the trick to using this stuff is to always use the sealant (I wish they'd stop putting one with every bottle... I have a million of these floating around the house. What a waste). Also, to get if off (I've mentioned this before and it's important) be sure to use NON-Acetone remover! Acetone remover will just make it mucky and smeary... and it will take years to get it off your nails and skin!

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Essie Big Dipper

Review by roxiblue: Pretty white that's so iridescent and shimmery it almost sparkles- just like the stars. :) Very appropriately named and very pretty. It is a little sheer for me, though.

Review by bekkbekk1985: I got this DC color really cheap. It's a very sheer silver glitter clear polish. The glitter is finely milled so it's elegant on its on or layered as a top coat.

Review by Cygentte3: On the Essie website and in the bottle, Big Dipper is a frosty white with shimmer. I was expecting this colour to be opaque, but it is sheer after doing two coats each on my toes and fingers. I still like it anyways. It is very shimmery but doesn't look "loud".

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