what is a good nail polish?3 recommended nail polishs

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By Monica

what is a good nail polish?Let's see the 3 recommended nail polishs !


Sinful I Love You

Review by kimmie578: This is a unique and gorgeous shade...its a medium magenta-plummy purple with lots of glitter in gold, pink and magenta. It sparkles in the daytime and nightime as well.
Big problem is that it takes about 5 very slow drying coats to make it look like in the bottle. I did repurchase cuz its so unique but its such hard work.
I tried layering it over a very dark opi purple but it wasnt as pretty or brite so i prefer buying shades i like and not layering.

Review by shopgirl087: In general I don't do a lot of glitter polishes but on a whim I bought this. The day before valetines day I had to repaint nails bf picked this one should have know somthing was up (he gave me purple earings this color). Tonight is day 3 of my mani and 2 out 10 nails are chipped (this is actually really good for me). The color is a dark royal purple with sparkles in a lighter purple. It takes 3 coats didn't apply streaky. The formula is not gloopy or liquidy. This polish does a fair job of standing up to abuse. Overall for 1.99 pretty good polish. .

Review by dxgirly: Like all Sinful glitters this needs a base. I'm always surprised when I read people whining about how many coats you need w/ sinful glitters when the very simple solution is to simply put it over something. For this one I used Jordana 'mardi gras', but any purple-blue would work (SH 'spark' for example). Anyway, once it's over something it's a very pretty light purple glitter; drying time was very good, and wear was also good. For 2 you can't go wrong :)

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OPI Route Beer Float

Review by pulidobl: I don't know if I would run out of this to repurchase, but I guess I would if I ran out and didn't find something else. I like this color for the fall and winter. It's a brownish/toffee-ish color. It's pretty, but I can see how some people might not like it.

Review by DawnD: I don't personally own this color, but I always use this color for my nail designs when I get my nails done every 2 weeks. This is such a pretty medium brown color with hints of purple and shimmer. I just love the name of it too. This is just about one of the only nail polish names that I can remeber because it is so catchy. This is a perfect neutral because I like to get a design on one finger on each hand (I would like to get them on every finger but I work in an office environment and it would look too unprofessional). I usually pair this color with either a rose or medium pink. such a beautiful color. I kope they never discontinue it.

Review by blueaygi: Lovely shade of brownish/taupe with a bit of mauve. Does not look like puke at all even on warmer skin tones. I didn't get a frost finish with mine, but more of a slight golden micro shimmer finish. I think it's a pretty neutral, suitable for office wear. This was a gift from a Nail Board member, but if it were still available I'd purchase it.

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OPI Changing of the Garnet

Review by spitfireseven: One of my favorite Pedicure colors. It lasts and looks great.

Review by wunverdoll: OPI - best nail polish on the market, by far! I'm glad they are getting easier to get without having to go through my nail tech all the time.
Love this color, especially as a winter pedicure color.

Review by auth: I love this color. It's the perfect color for winter, and I've received many compliments on this shade. Will purchase again. Another favorite of mine is Chocolate Kisses by Essie, A-List by Essie, and God Save the Queen's nails by OPI, and Bogota Blackberry by OPI.

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