what is a good nail polish?3 popular nail polish compare

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By Helen

what is a good nail polish?Let's see the 3 popular nail polish compare!


China Glaze Crystal Ball

Review by cosmokid: I like this polish even more than I had hoped I would. Crystal Ball is a reddish wine color with silver glitter. It is opaque after two coats, and so far, I haven't had streaking problems. The glitter is distributed well in the polish, and while it is quite visible, isn't too chunky.

Review by YolandaMC: I would describe this color as a bourdeaux with multicolor glitter. The first coat goes on sheer. Be careful when applying the second coat because it can streak. (This happened to me) I had to make it all even with a third coat, which turned out dark, but very pretty anyway.

Review by didion0312: I honestly think this is one of my all time favorite colors! It is a wine color with multi colored microglitter that shows up nicely but not obnoxiously so! (I am not a huge glitter fan). I think China Glaze polishes wear very well and I would most definitely repurchase this! For reference, I am cool toned and fairly pale. One final comment is that this is very sheer with the first coat and I usually use 3 coats to get the true color.

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Wet 'n' Wild Black Rage No. 588

Review by tippygirl: good black polish, nice n' shiny, not a color for the faint of heart, tho

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: This past Halloween I painted some of my nails black and some orange and painted little pumpkins etc. on them. Within a couple of days everything was peeling off except the black! Good staying power, let me tell ya!! It applied smoothly but it took a few coats as this polish is a little bit watery and sheer.

Review by pinkiiish: I like this. For less than one dollar, it's worth a try!
It doesn't give me any of the problems previous reviewers have noted: for me, it goes on clump-free and takes only 2 coats to get a deep jet black. Top it with a clear or glitter topcoat and you're good to go for a week!

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OPI Charmed By A Snake

Review by Leelee57: This is part of the OPI India colletion and they are all mostly really good strong colours. As a redhead I wear a lot of autumnal colours and I find this colour tones in with my wardrobe very well. A slightly glittery bronze colour. I don't usually like too much glitter but I find this acceptable. It has good coverage - just two coats achieves the colour in the bottle.
As with all OPI nail polishes, it goes on well with the superb wide brush and lasts me quite a few days before any chips appear. (I do wear Seche Vite as a topcoat).

Review by amystar: This gold/bronze shade is quite runny and requires two to three shades for full coverage. It's a great neutral, however, and I find it great to wear on the toes.

Review by diachu21: I would def. buy this colour again. I get compliments (all from girls) on this every time I wear it. It's a great nude-ish shade on my nc 35-40 skin. I am not sure about other reviews saying this colour was muddy, but on my skin it goes on exactly like it looks in the bottle, peachy light bronze with golden shimmer. Guys of course don't notice anything unless it's bright so not the best date colour!

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