what is a good nail polish?3 good nail polishs review

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By Stella

what is a good nail polish?Let's see the 3 good nail polishs review!


Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Brick Wall

Review by aguskl: Ok, there are some pros to this np - the shade is a great shade of red, it isn't goopy at all, applies easily. That being said, I guess I got too used to my OPI which to me had a thicker, smoother finish. Even though this particular color (I'm not sure for all of them), was quick and easy to put on, the formula is a little too thin and runny and it didn't look as clean going on for me...maybe it's just the brush, I don't know. I have other SH Xtreme Wear polish shades that aren't as runny. I guess with this you have to throw on more coats since it is so thin, for a more even color and definitely finish with a top coat for the best results (like you would probably do anyway)! This is not bad for a a cheaper d/s price, though.

Review by redheadjane: Wow. This is a true blood red!! I love it an I normally don't care for red anything. The brush holds lots of product. I def need more than one coat. its liquidy an a little streaky with one coat, however 2 coats gives a great result. It dries in a decent amount of time. This is NOT a matte color as another reviewer mentioned. It dried with a nice gloss. Far from matte!!! Suits my tan skin very nicely. I love this shade! Very bloody looking. Would be great for valentines day!
***i've been wearing this for a few days. i constantly tap my nails and pretty hard at times. i have minimal fading at the tips... this polish does not chip. i dont have a single chip and i'm pretty active with my hands, as anyone really. even my drunken activities cant chip this polish.. i'll definitely check out other shades in hopes they also live up to this shade and lasting ability.

Review by mulhollanddrive: I've had this for years and it's still good. It goes on mostly smooth but it does tend to run. Sometimes it can be kinda clumpy, so you have to smooth it out very quickly.
It's very very red and a beautiful shade at that. A perfect dark red, great with any look and would look great on everyone.
the staying power was okay. My nails grow extremely fast so it's hard to make any polish last more than MAYBE five days.
It does smudge very easily, smudges more than chips.
I wouldn't rebuy because there are better polishes out there, quality wise. But if you're fantastic as doing nails, this shouldn't give you too much trouble.

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Essie Showstopper

Review by shelby1123: ugh, I didn't like this colour at all! I buy my essie online and I was really disappointed, I think it looks cheap and hooker-ish. Maybe it's just my pale skin tone?! Don't think I'll wear it again.. may donate it to my niece to play with.

Review by pretty_please: I like this color, its a gold-shimmer red, perfect for the holidays. I'm already half way through the bottle and there are no signs of it thickening yet, like I've experienced with some of my other nail polish brands, which I really like. I wish the color was a little deeper though, but other than that, no complaints!

Review by lmharte: A pretty cool berry red with gold shimmer.I use 2 coats to get the color results of teh bottle.very pretty and festive,I bought this for the holidays!!

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Essie Jewel

Review by JT14: I like this - it's pink enough to go with my current wardrobe but the purple tones make it a bit different. I love this on my toes all the time and on tips for a dramatic look. Like all Essies I find it wears pretty well too, and it doesn't suffer from the streakiness some of their polishes do.. I have cool to neutral pale skin.

Review by iberian: Yet another winner from this year's Cruise Collection and probably my fave pedi color for this summer. A mid-toned purply fushia, it has a slight shimmer and a little iridescense. I love this as a late-summer color as a nice transition from my summer brights into the darker fall shades. It doesn't scream summer, so I can see myself reaching for this one year-round.

Review by cperry: Jewel is part of the 2005 Winter collection. I never worn it till this summer and looks perfect on my toes. Its a beautiful vibrant opaque purple with touch of fushia iridescence. Formula goes on smooth, used 3 coats and lasted for over a week on its own.

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