what is a good nail polish?3 good nail polish compare

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what is a good nail polish?Let's see the 3 good nail polish compare!


OPI 2010 Go Goth Halloween Collection - Unripened

Review by franjipany: All the colors in the mini collection are very dark, and the mini bottles are just so freaking cute, I couldn't resist getting them even thought I knew I probably had dupes for all of them. Obscure is a black matte color, Sanguine is a deep red color, Nevermore is just about an exact dupe for OPI Ink, and Unripened is a black with teal glitter in it. The other dupe I've found is for Sanguine and I got Pretty at the Premiere from a holiday collection several years ago and I love it. So if you missed out on that one, get Sanguine. I haven't really found a matte black, and I guess Unripened is the real unique one of the bunch. The teal glitter is very subtle and doesnt' show up as much as you'd think. I do love the minis because I like to try so many different nail polishes. This collection is nice in that it brings out your goth/emo side.

Review by sophie_tan: This is the best OPI Halloween collection so far! Unripened is a pure black shade infused with teal shimmer. Indoors the shimer is barely visible but in the sun or under spotlights it comes alive. 2 coats gave me full coverage. I've applied Sally Hensen Mirror shine top coat to give this polish more dimention and lustre.

Review by tippygirl: Unripened is one of four mini-bottles included the OPI?s 2010 Go Goth Halloween Collection. Unripened is a black-based polish with blue-green shimmer. It reminds me very much of a turquoised version of Midnight in Moscow, but unlike MiM, the shimmer is easier to spot. It is so pretty. Wish it came in a full-sized bottle.
The polish went on easily and was at full colour saturation with two coats. Application was smooth although the brush in the mini bottle is thinner than I?m used to now that I?ve been spoiled with OPI?s prowide brush. Topped it with Seche Vite and was good to go in no-time.
Wear after two days is good though I do have tipwear. The other colours in the set include: Nevermore (shimmery blue), Sanguine (dark shimmery burgundy/red) and Obscure (black). I will be trying Sanguine next.

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Milani Cool Vibe

Review by pink_cosmos: This is a vibrant pimped-out super purple. No shimmer or glitter, just an opaque cool purple. I don't know if it's new, but I've never seen it before I bought it a couple of days ago. I used it on my toes and they are just screaming purple. Love this! Got it for 2.49 at CVS.

Review by spitfireseven: I noticed this color while in the drugstore but, of course, first I had to check Milani's reviews here. They got good reviews so I bought it. They always have BOGO deals, which for some dumb reason I passed up - they have a lot of good stuff. The color is opaque, it only took two coats (which isnt always the case with drugstore polishes). The only thing I dont like about it is that it dries completely matte, im talking no shine whatsoever. Just make sure you use a topcoat and problem solved. Def gonna look into more of milani's colors...

Review by lorrainer07: Just a note about this Milani nail product regarding comments that it has a very matte finish. If you will notice on the bottle under the Milani banner it says 'Nail Art'. This is not the same finish as the Milani 'Nail Lacquer'. It is made in the matte finish to allow the user to apply nail art on the surface and have it adhere well. Once the art (rhinestones, decals, etc) is applied you should apply a good top coat to seal in both the color and art. If you choose to apply the color without the art flourishes, you will need to apply a top coat to get shine with this product.

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Essie Chinchilly

Review by miss_mac: I love this color in the bottle, but wasn't sure how it would look on me. Fortunately, I loved it on and my sister-in-law gave me a compliment on it. I would definitely buy this color again, but gave took a lippie off for the thick streaky formula and stupid thin brush (they need the OPI brush). If you loved this but want something a little darker, Merino Cool is great, too. Wearing it right now :)

Review by Susie31: Liked the unique color but that's about it.
For me it chipped on second day, with base and top coat, and formula is a bit like plastic when dry, which I don't like, and drying time is very slow.
edit: I am now completely in love with the formula, consistency of polish is great, just wasn't something I was used to at the beginning. Drying is still slow on me, but chips are gone with good base coat. No top coat needed for this shiny beauty.

Review by glossgal_01: I never would have bought this color if it weren't for a blog I read somewhere. I was going to buy either this or OPI's You Don't Know Jacques! Honestly, I thought You Don't Know Jacques! would be much more flattering on my skin because I am a winter, and I thought Chinchilly was just to greige and would clash with my skin or wash it out, but I went with the Chinchilly anyway and I am so glad I did.

Chinchilly looks unexpectedly rich and deep on my pale fingers, so I think You Don't Know Jacques would have been too dark. I think you must try this color on before you judge it! It is fantastic.

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