what is a good nail polish?3 best nail polishs reviews

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By Stella

what is a good nail polish?Let's see the 3 best nail polishs reviews!


Essie Fed Up

Review by Vaniessa: Love this polish for a very natural look! Almost matches my skin colour and makes my fingers look long and thin while giving me a professional and put together look. Will buy again and again.

Review by AutumnBliss: I so wanted to like this nail polish, but I was very disappointed because it barely gave a hint of color. I somehow thought that quality brands were more opaque - I mean, what's the point in applying colored polish with no effect when you can just apply clear polish or nail hardener? I've also tried it with two layers applied and I'm still not satisfied with the result. Oleander's picture of China Glaze "Trousseau" was amazingly beautiful and that's exactly how I wanted "Fed Up" to be, but it just doesn't come even close! It spreaded nicely, though, and wasn't streaky at all.

Review by cloud0204: loved it stayed on a week and looked like your own nails but even better.!

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OPI Designer Series - DS Exclusive

Review by vengland: Exclusive is one of the first D/S polishes to be released and I take off one lippie (would take off a half if I could) because I'm finding that the D/S polishes wear off a bit faster than the regular OPI formula.
Now for the Hue itself. It is gorgeous. I vibrant magenta/plum with rainbow holograph and micro glitter that dazzles the eye. If you find it...buy it!

Review by Angeline: I absolutely adore this color. It?s a very flattering fuchsia raspberry base with loads of holo-y, rainbow-y shine. I love it. It?s a perfect shade for when I want something with lots of color but don?t want to go too vampy or too light. This one does have a prowide brush, which I usually hate, but application was really really easy. I could have gotten away with only doing one coat but I decided to go for a second and I?m very happy with the result. That second coat really deepened the color?I?m much happier with two coats. I added a layer of Nailtek and SV and I have incredible shine and everything dried super fast. I will definitely wear this one often and would repurchase if I ever ran out.

Review by ninanina: Another must-have DS polish! Exclusive is a deep berry pink completely loaded with amazing holo shimmer. It is such an awesome color! The formula is also fantastic, it goes on as smooth as silk and I didn't experience any dragging with the second coat. I would recommend it to anyone!

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Milani day dreaming

Review by auth: I ordered this, and got it in the mail today. I put on the color a few hours ago, and I LOVE IT!! With the first coat, it looks like it will take a million coats to get it opaque, it looks so sheer, but it gets good enough with two, and perfect with three coats. It went on slightly streaky, but as it dried, it seemed to spread out and kind of even itself out, which is really nice:)
As for the color, it is definitely in my favorites. It is ever-so-slightly darker than what it looks like in the bottle, which seems like a matte, rather light grey with a kind of warm undertone.
Having it on for only about 2 hours, I don't know how long it lasts before chipping. It dried very quickly, after I finished both hands it was ready for the next color already.

Review by sjcsmall: Milani's Day Dreaming is a true medium grey creme that I saw on display at CVS. I applied three coats to get completely even, opaque coverage. So far I've had it on for five days with very minimal wear on the tips. Amazing! I've also heard that it's a dupe for MAC On the Prowl, but Milani's bottle contains more product for a fraction of the price. If you spot it, get it! I believe Day Dreaming is limited edition (which is a shame) and it's a very wearable and unique color.

Review by julie9536: I found this at CVS last weekend and immediately swooped in on it. I love the unusual color! A gray creme is still a bit unusual. The creme formula is chic and it applies smoothly. Looks great on fingers. Even guys have complimented this on me so I guess dudes like it. Buy this if you don't have a gray creme already. Good brush on this one too.

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