what is a good mascara?3 good mascara

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By Stella

what is a good mascara?Let's see the 3 good mascara !


Anna Sui Super Long Lash Mascara

Review by blacklittlepig: It does lengthen my short non-existence lashes. But the olny down side is that the fibers tend to get into my eyes- I might have to coat it with a clear gel like one of the reviewers suggested. I do like this alot and I like the detailed packaging. But I don't understand why they have to put so much perfume into a mascara- it's not like you or other ppl are going to smell it. Anyways, will repurchase.

Review by ninanina: i love this mascara so much!! i'm Asian and have medium thick lashes. this mascara makes my lashes look longer and darker. so intense!! and it doesn't smudge!!! i'm so happy i bought this:):):) 27 is bit expensive but i would rather spend 27 on something that works.
some people might think the fiber could get into their eyes. yes it does. but it's very soft it won't hurt a bit. the mascara even melt in you eyes and comes out in your tears. if you ware in a hurry this could be annoying. just take it easy and put it on slowly.
i do have a problem with it thought... Anna Sui is really really hard to find in the States. Hardly any store sells it. this company really should come to this website and read all the reviews. with such great rating they should really consider opening concept stores or selling this brand at department store like what they do in Canada.

Review by bebejacket: I have searched for a long time to find a mascara that was right for me...like everyone else out there I am sure. I have very, very short eyelashes...they are full but the stubbiest things you could imagine. I bought this after reading a lot of reviews on this...It is quite expensive but I am shocked at the difference. This mascara does what it promises...you get very long lashes!!!! I dont even need my eyelash primer which I have been dependent on. One coat of the black mascara makes me have the most beautiful long looking lashes....I used to have to wear falsies out...never again...I dont need to when I wear this!!!! I even cancelled my order for latisse! It is a little expensive so I took off one lippie for this....but if you have short little lashes like me....oh give this a try!!!! Yah Anna sui!!!!

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Estee Lauder Sumptuous

Review by bunnyrabbit: I really like the look of this because of the perfectly fanned out, curled and separated *plush* look only this mascara can give my lashes...but it is expensive and it sometimes drops little fibres on my cheeks. Also it is sometimes difficult to completely remove at the end of the day. The next day sometimes a few lashes still feel brittle with remains of mascara from the day before. Then when I go to apply the brush catches in a few places and tugs a little.

Review by laurilauri: I got this product sample as a gift, I thought this mascara is great, lengths my lashes,creates volume and holds curls, but when I use this it does clump,just a bit. I would buy this in the full size!

Review by KateN: MY new Hg, was happy with More than mascara for a while then ceramide treatment was thicker but dried out too fast. this one is perfect, rich and thick but doesn't dry out, seperates and thickens lashes without clumping. HG !

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Avon SuperMagnify

Review by quantumkitten: This mascara lengthens very well and makes my Asian lashes probably the longest I've ever seen them. It also didn't smudge on my oily eyelids which is a plus. However, Cover Girl Lash Blast lengthens, separates, AND makes my lashes look fuller, whereas SuperMagnify only lengthened (albeit well.) It also had a tendency to clump if not applied well, and did nothing for fullness. Plus, this irritated my eyes and made them red (people kept asking me why my eyes were red the first day I wore it.) I gave it a couple weeks to see if it was just my eyes acting up or the mascara, but after switching back to Lash Blast recently, my red eyes went away. If you are looking for a lengthening mascara and don't have sensitive eyes this could work for you, but just be warned that it did make my eyes red and no eye makeup has ever done that to my eyes before.

Review by edie4711: A decent mascara and can really lengthen/thicken if you have the time to apply it. Right texture, not sticky, doesnt form clumps and I dont have transfer marks from this. Due to so many tiny tiny bristles you really have to sweep it on in several layers in many directions to get the benefits sort of in a rolling patting/pushing motion, hard to explain but if you see the brush you will understand it looks like it doesnt have any bristles. Quite a similiar effect to one of my old faves the Maybelline Lash Stylist with the comb which was sadly discontinued. If I have a good few minutes for mascara I will use it but if time is of the essence I use my old faithful Maybelline Colossal for quick application.

Review by stephanie32082: Overall to me just an common every day mascara. Has a very skinny different type of wand. I would agree it probably coats evey lash but the formula is nothing special. Nothing dramatic if that is what you are looking for.

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